Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Santa asked Charlie what he wanted for Christmas and Charlie replied that he wanted the candy cane he had. Santa gave it to him. No sense of the future, that one. (For now anyway.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010


Felicity meeting Mady.How much do I love this picture?
Love a good playdate at the park with a great friend. We'll miss you when you go to Denver!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My cousin is gearing up to apply for the photography program at BYU. I think she is doing pretty well!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from the little turkey.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Charlie sees to it that Felicity always has plenty of toys to play with.


He said it was a temple.
He was pretty proud.

(PS, Felicity is between sizes, so we are in the process of putting away clothes that don't fit, and replacing them with clothes that do. But now that she has gone through five sizes, the clothes that don't fit are large in number and need to be organized, put in tubs, and moved to storage. Therefore, the bedroom is a serious mess behind my cute boy. Don't mind.)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sea World

Saturday we woke up and decided to clean for a couple hours and then go do something fun. We didn't look out the window while we cleaned, we just dug in. So, once we were all ready to leave, we realized it was raining. We decided to go anyway (Charlie was chanting "SHAMU, SHAMU, SHAMU, so we didn't have the heart to change our plans), and just stay for a short time if the weather was too bad.
Felicity treats our ideas with a sense of casual indifference. Or patient martyrdom. Or something like that.We were posing in front of the tank, where the whale was taking laps. We missed him the first time, so we just waited for him to come around again.
He did, but he stopped right behind us, and greeted Charlie for a few minutes. It was pretty cool.
It was pretty damp, but we managed to see several exhibits.

Face that I love

Monday, November 15, 2010

Status Check

Since I've been fairly sick for the better part of a month, I haven't been blogging (or even taking pictures, really) with too much vigor. However, things are happening in our house, so here is a quick rundown.


Turned 6 months old on Veteran's Day. She weighs in at 22 and a half pounds (99th percentile, surprise, surprise) and is 2 feet and 3 inches tall. Our doctor is always super positive and says some variation of "I'm writing down that you are a fantastic mother" or "Making a note: you are doing a wonderful job" at all the check ups, which is nice for the self esteem, although it seems like her good health is less related to how well I am doing, and more related to good genes and good luck. She has been a little sick recently, but still makes us happy every day. She rolls in all directions, is getting quite close to sitting up on her own (it takes a lot of strength to hold up her girth, so that is significant), and is enjoying solid foods. She had the cereals the last couple of weeks, and had her first vegetable (squash) today. She is still basically a mama's girl, although she will go to other people with much more success than the first few months of her life. She enjoys being in the stroller, the walker/play table/exersaucer (I don't know exactly what our variation of that particular baby item is called), and her high chair. She is a morning person (got that from her father) and her favorite hobby is sitting in the Bumbo on the counter while I do dishes and sing/dance with the ipod. Her favorite song is the Halo/Walking on Sunshine mash up from Glee, which I do a particularly awesome dance to.
(Sara, I have decided to start populating my blog with exclusively your photos of my kids. Park this week so you can take some of Felicity?)

The little dude (also recently weighed: is 35 pounds, if anyone is interested) literally says at least one thing per day that causes me to laugh aloud (and generally text two or three people, gushing over his wit. Sorry about that.) If you don't spend much time around 2 year olds, I recommend doing it sometime (maybe in moderation, at first...) A few recents: today I had to take him to my church class because he has been (big shocker, this one) sick, and I didn't want to infect any little people in his class (you may ask why I would take him to infect the big people, but I figured they wouldn't get his germs as easily as little people, and I couldn't miss church all together because I have a class to teach and music to lead, so taking him to my class was the only option.) Anyway, he was in class, and the lesson was on the Holy Spirit, commonly called the Holy Ghost in our religion (is that what everyone calls it? I don't know.) Every time the teacher said "Holy Ghost" he would repeat it jubilantly. A few times he added a little ghost sound to it. "HOLY GHOST! BOOOOO!" Another story: he has these square animal decorations hung up above his bed. Maybe a year or so ago, some older and wiser friend showed him how to climb up on the bed so he can take them down, which he does, occasionally. Recently, he has been holding onto them by the little tag in the back, and getting some long object (pen, pencil, glow stick from Halloween) and using them as sword and shield. At first, I thought "I did NOT teach him about swords and shields, he came up with that one on his own." After a couple of days of seeing this game, I asked him what he was doing. He said "I'm a Nephite!" We are in the part of the Book of Mormon where there are a lot of wars... So I guess we did teach him that after all! I laughed, but also was grateful that the 10 or so minutes per night where he does not appear to be listening to scripture reading at all is not as wasted as it seems. Last one: we were at Costco, and I was trying to load up the already full cart with a box of diapers for each child. A pregnant lady was asking me my opinions on some diaper issues (she seemed to see I have some diapering experience) and while I was thusly occupied, Charlie climbed out and got a bag of peanut M&Ms (why are the M&Ms right next to the diapers?) I said "we aren't getting M&Ms today," and he said "no, those are for Daddy." Also, every building that is over 1 story is a castle to him. Every man with white hair and/or a booming voice is Heavenly Father.
(Photo credit: Sara)

Knee deep in the last month of his first semester of law school. He is doing maybe 70-ish hours of school/studying per week, which by all accounts is pretty reasonable. The problem with law school is that your finals are the first feedback you ever get. So, you don't know how you're doing until you are done. Also, everything is graded on a curve, as with many schools, so he has to not only do well, but also better than 80% of the rest of the class to keep his scholarship, and to get the grades that he wants. The good news is, he is working very hard, and doing his best, so he can't really have any regrets, even if things don't go exactly as he wants them to. But, I am sure they will. Charlie is very protective of any papers he sees around the house and guards them from me and Lissy saying "those are daddy's school papers: don't touch." Weirdly, I don't think we have ever told him anything was daddy's school papers and not to touch. Usually, they are actually MY work papers, and he isn't supposed to get into them. But, it is still cute. And when Greg comes home, Charlie always says "I meeeeesed you!"

I am powering through this bizarre illness that has tried to take me out using several tactics. (First no voice, which still hasn't fully returned, then a sinus infection, including headache so bad I could barely open my eyes, then regular cold, then pink eye, now sore throat and cough.) I am working 32ish hours per week, mostly from home, but have been going into the office about once a week lately. I go to the park with the kids semi-constantly, by myself, with other mom friends, with random people I meet at Ralph's, whatever. (I really did go to the park with a person I met at Ralph's, but we had a conversation in which I invited her to go ahead of me because she only had a couple things, and then somehow we discovered our husbands are in law school together, so she isn't exactly random.)

So, there are the basic stats on the Ashcraft fam. We're not terribly newsworthy, except for our current ability to incubate any sort of illness you can imagine. The kidlets got their flu shots though, so fingers crossed, that will pass our home uninvited this year.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010



Our friend fell off a table onto the concrete at the Los Alamos Ward Trunk or Treat. The bump is sizeable, but with his hairdo, no one can really see it.

(I figured I better document because every time something happen to my kids I call my mother and she tells me ten things that happened to her kids when we were growing up, and it helps. So, eventually, Charlie or his siblings might need to see my poor parenting to make them feel better about their own.)

Solid foods

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Five Months

She's entered her screechy stage. Sort of cute... sort of disruptive. She's been rolling back to tummy, and yesterday she started rolling the other way. Everything Charlie does makes her laugh. She falls asleep on her own and in her crib (big news in this house, since Charlie had to be rocked for practically a whole year). She is fond of Simon Says. She grabs everything and puts it in her mouth.

She is generally our favorite little girl ever.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ways to get fabulous photos of your children:
(1) spend the time to learn how to take fabulous photos, and then learn how to edit them into submission.
(2) be friends with people who already know how to do it.

I chose (2).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Patch

As we have for the last couple of years, we took the kidlets to the pumpkin patch. We had some friends meet us there (although they declined to be photographed) and had a grand ol' time.
This is what the kid's whose mommy's don't buy the animal food do: pick it up from the ground.
"Look! Theep!"
I dig the Halloween shirt.

When we had him pick out a pumpkin, I encouraged him to go a little further than the first one he found.

He took my advice.

(this is the face I make when I want Charlie to smile. i think he is going to get it by osmosis or something.)