Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Four Years Ago Today...

...I married my sweet husband. Happy anniversary to us!

We have sort of a fun "story," which some of you have heard, and some haven't, but I am going to share it here either way!

We met in 1999 or 2000 or sometime around there. I knew him through friends, and neither of us was terribly impressed with the other. (I actually didn't have much of an opinion on him, but he didn't like me, and it showed, so we avoided each other.) So, we didn't have too much interaction until later.

In July/August 2001 I was a junior and Greg was a senior in high school, and my 16th birthday was imminent (background, if you don't know: in my family, and in most families in my church, kids wait until they are 16 to date). We had our lunch period at the same time, and we sat together with several other mutual friends. He decided that he had been wrong about me, and that he in fact was interested in me. He flirted with me so much that even I could tell that he liked me, and I had never been terribly savvy about that kind of thing. So, when a mutual friend told me (we were in the bathroom at church, ditching Sunday School, to be exact) "I know someone who likes you" I knew it was him. However, a friend of his and I sort of liked each other, so I didn't expect much to come of it, as I supposed I would start seeing his friend when I turned 16.

Towards the end of August, Greg was walking me to class after lunch, as he usually did, and he said "I want to ask you out, but I have to ask my friend [the friend referenced above] if it's okay, but if I were to ask you, do you think you would say yes?" I still tease him about that. Way to sweep me off my feet. I want to ask you out, but I am not doing so right now, but I want to get some encouragement for when I do. Anyway, I sort of stuttered that I would say yes, but internally I was slightly concerned because of this other guy. Either way, I wasn't allowed to date for another few weeks, so I didn't worry too much about it. However, he has always been a champion of follow up, and a few days later while walking me to class he asked me to go to the homecoming dance with him, which was on October 6, 2 weeks after my 16th birthday. I said that I would, and he said "Okay, great. Well, I am not going to walk you the rest of the way to class because otherwise we would be awkwardly silent, so I'll see you later." We still laugh about this too. We were winning conversationalists in high school.

On my sixteenth birthday, Greg approached me before school and gave me the hugest bouquet of pink roses I had ever seen in my life. I was totally mortified carrying them around for the rest of the day. People came up to me and said things like "Oh, did Greg Ashcraft give those to you? I thought he was going to propose to random girls in the quad." So that gives you a little bit of an idea of what a goon he was in high school (albeit a sweet, darling, lovable goon).

A couple weeks went by and he took me out on my first date. We went to a restaurant in Temecula on a double date with a couple friends, and then headed over to the dance (in Greg's iconic PT Cruiser. Half of my high school memories involve that car, which I used to make fun of so much. But I missed it when he sold it before his mission!) During the dance, (I still remember it was while they were announcing the homecoming court) he held my hand, and I don't think let go of it for the rest of the night (we couldn't clap for the court because we were holding hands. Although I just remembered that he did let go to clap for one guy because they were friends. Ha! Funny the things you remember years later...) Later in the night he asked me to "go steady with him." I took issue over this for a number of reasons, one being that it was 2001 and no one had used the phrase "go steady" in like 40 years. Also, because it was my first date and I thought I would play the field a little. However, I didn't want to be mean, so I tried to blame it on my parents and say that I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend (which was basically true) but that I did like him and wanted to go on dates with him (also true). He said that I didn't have to answer right then (I thought I had already answered...?) so I hoped that maybe we just wouldn't have to bring it up again.

And we didn't.

And so we got married five years later.

Okay, it didn't happen quite like that. But after that first date, we were just sort of inseparable for several years (one bout of "break up" the summer before I was a senior that lasted about 6 months while he re-focused on preparing for a mission, but ended when I went on a date with this other guy and Greg decided he didn't like that too much. That is, the break up ended, but don't worry, the mission prep did not.) We didn't really define the relationship for a while there at the beginning, probably because Greg figured out that if he insisted on being my boyfriend I might not, but as long as he didn't bring it up, he basically was. I still remember this conversation I had with my best friend. She said "are you seeing each other, going out, dating, boyfriend and girlfriend, or...?" I had no idea. At some point though, we were together enough that he was my boyfriend. (My parents weren't thrilled with the idea of a boyfriend, but they did like Greg. And my brothers adored him because my parents mandated that we weren't allowed to go places by ourselves until I turned 18, so one of them would have to "chaperone" us all the time and he ended up getting hooked up with countless movies, ice cream cones, and fast food.) Greg was in a band in high school, and I was an official groupie. Some songs he wrote for me still exist to this day on amateur recordings they made! (Including one mean one from aforementioned break up - but we don't need to bring that one up.) Eventually Greg went on his mission, and I waited (and dated, for the record; I don't condone waiting at home for two years while a missionary serves). When he got home, I was headed up to college, and I told him that I was going to date and all of that when I got there, unless he had something to say about it. We decided to get married instead. I remember he got home on a Wednesday, we decided we were getting married on Saturday (and I think we picked out the ring that day too...we are very task-oriented), he asked for my "hand" from my dad on Monday, and my mother woke me up at 6:00am on Tuesday morning with the temple on the phone scheduling the wedding. (I am fairly certain my mom had the wedding planned in about 48 hours.) The next day, Wednesday, I shipped out to BYU for the semester, and we barely made it through, but we managed (I don't think my roommates were thrilled with my love sickness though). We got married December 30, 2005.

Life isn't perfect and I think I probably drive Greg crazy most days (he only drives me crazy some days, but he is much easier to live with than I am) but I am happy to say that after 4 years of marriage and many more years of togetherness, I am still just as sure about Greg as I ever was. He really is my best friend and I am so glad that I married him. I think we have the best family ever, with us, and Charlie, and baby-to-be-named-later, and our annoying little cat. Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband, thanks for marrying me, and thanks also for our wonderful family, and all you do for us.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Santa visits the Town and Country Hotel (where I work) every year and invites all the employee's children and grandchildren to party with him.
When we first sat on Santa's lap Charlie was smiling and laughing but I couldn't get the camera to focus properly. By the time I got a picture to work he was sort of upset. Still, he was happy to get his candy cane.


After we saw Santa Charlie and Greg came back into my office (Charlie was eating a hot dog, his new found favorite food; he kept yelling DOOOOOOOOG!). I was putting the camera away and Charlie kept saying CHEEEEEEEESE, so I had to take some pictures. Too bad he wasn't cheesing it up when he was on Santa's lap.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Book Survey

Tagged by Kiersten!

1. What is one of your favorite genres
? Adolescent girl books. Does that count? =)

2. What is your least favorite genre? Textbooks.

3. What is your all-time favorite book? High Fidelity.

4. What is the first book you remember reading? Bearenstein Bears?

5. Do you prefer books or audio books? Books.

6. Who are your favorite authors? Hornby. Dickens. Austen. Meg Cabot. CS Lewis. Lots.

7. How many books do you read in a year? Plenty when I'm not pregnant.

8. Do you buy books or borrow them from the library? I have a book buying problem.

9. How many books do you own? We have 4 bookcases (two small and two big. So maybe that counts as 3.) A LOT.

10. What is your most prized book? I have this children's book called Alphabears that my great aunt gave me the day I was born. A lot of my books from my childhood seem irreplaceable because they have inscriptions from my grandparents or whatever.

11. What are the worst books you have ever read (or tried to read)? Dang, I'm not sure I can think of one. I might be a philistine, but John Steinback makes me crazy. Does that count? But I can't call it the worst book because I recognize that he is an excellent author.

12. Have you read any modern day sequels you liked? Kiersten, I think this is referring to all those authors who take characters from classics and write sequels. There are like thirty million sequels to Pride and Prejudice, for example. I have read a few and haven't loved them. They were okay. I sort of want to read the zombie Austen books though. Don't they look funny?

13. What is your favorite quote from a book? There is a long exchange in High Fidelity that is absolutely my favorite part of a book ever, but it is too long. It talks about the reality vs. the fantasy of being in a relationship. There is an interlude about lingerie, for example. Ask me about it and I will tell you because I love it.

14. Who is your all-time favorite male character? Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities. Everytime I was allowed to write a paper on anyone I did Sydney, the love of my life.

15. Who is your all-time favorite female character? Hmm... possibly... Emma? I don't know. Elizabeth Bennet is too obvious. I love Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries but I don't know if I can go all time best with her. Can't think of one. OH MISS HONEY from Matilda maybe?

16. What highly recommended book have you not liked? Grapes of Wrath. I know, again with the Steinback hating. I didn't like Harry Potter for a while, but I gave him a second chance and then loved. I didn't love Freakanomics as much as everyone else did, but I liked it. Oh, and I resisted the Twilight books for a while, but that doesn't count, because once I read them I loved them, and also because it was before they were like the most loved books of all time or whatever they are now, so they were highly recommended but not by EVERYONE just by one person.

17. A character you love to hate? Maybe Madame Defarge from Tale of Two Cities?

18. Do you belong to a book club? Theoretically there is one at church. I only attend occasionally.

19. What was the last book you purchased? Can't say due to it being a Christmas present. Oh, wait, Charlie doesn't read the blog. I got him three books about having a new baby for Christmas. One was Bearenstein Bears, one was Mercer Meyer, and one was Arthur. I forget all the titles though.

20. What are you reading now? Heat Wave by Richard Castle (who is a fictional character from a TV show, so it is really by some ghost writer, but whatever). (Also, since I started this quiz on Friday and finished that book last night, Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby.)

21. What book made you cry the hardest? Where the Red Fern Grows perhaps. I don't usually cry in books but I did in that one as a kid. I have cried since then but I forget the books.

22. What book made you laugh the most? Most recently, one of those books by Jen Lancaster. Maybe a David Sedaris book.

23. What is your favorite children's book (one you would choose to read to your kids)? MILLIONS!!!! I am obsessed with children's books. But some of the favs to read Charlie are the pidgeon books by Mo Willems, Audrey and Don Woods books (The Napping House especially), and Dr. Suess. When you are getting a little older I would definitely say Roald Dahl and the Anne of Green Gables Books.

24. If you were to choose a book to give as a gift, what would it be? I give the book High Fidelity as a gift a lot.

25. List 5 books you have read more than once: Pride and Prejudice, Tale of Two Cities, High Fidelity, Anne of Green Gables (1-7), and Danny the Champion of the world.

26. What is your favorite book made into a movie? I actually love movie adaptations. I think that makes me less intelligent, but it is true. But you know what movies I really love? The Harry Potter ones. I know, THAT makes me less of a fan. But Alan Rickman as Snape....It's love. Oh, and I love the Princess Bride, both book and movie.

27. Did you like the book or movie better? I like the books better, of course.

28. What book would you like to see made into a movie? Grrrr I cannot think of a good one to put here! As I said though, I really do love movie adaptations (even the ones that aren't true to the book, I don't have a problem compartmentalizing liking the book in one way and the movie in another way) so I figure I would like to see any book made into a movie! Oh, but sometimes I lament that they haven't done Danny the Champion of the World into a movie yet. What are they waiting for?

29. Do you prefer hardcover or softcopy? Since I have an obsession with my books looking good, hardcover. I barely open my soft cover books so that the binding remains pristine. Greg and I cannot share books for this reason.

30. Do you leave the dustcover on while you are reading a book? Not usually, unless I am solely reading the book in my bed at night. I like to leave the covers on because I use the flaps as bookmarks, but they usually fall off in the end.

31. Where do you usually read? Usually in my bed before I go to sleep.

32. When do you usually read? The hour between 9pm (Charlie going to bed) and 10pm (my bedtime). Occasionally until 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the morning though.

33. Do you keep a TBR (to-be-read) list? I am so happy with my discovery of goodreads! But I also love to just get whatever books are discounted at Target for Target's book club, so a lot of books I plan on reading get pushed to the bottom of the list with other books being in my hot little hands.

34. Do you usually have more than one book that you are reading at a time? Often.

35. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading? My dad read to us every single night as kids. I am pretty sure it stems from there.

36. Who do you tag? Stacy, Kirsten, Megan, Tera...... any of my friends who love to read!


Stacy, I am finally posting some pictures on here! =) Here is the tree decorating merriment from a couple weeks ago. I think he looks like one of my brothers in this picture. I don't know if it is just the mischievous look that reminds me or what. And check out the oatmeal caking his hair. Lovely.

Our tree (sans topper. Somehow the topper never made it out of storage.)
A couple of ornaments that make me smile:

This Eskimo says "To Rachel, Christmas 1986" on the back. I love the little legs that move.
Charlie's first ornament.
My aunt always gives the kids over 18 an ornament each year for Christmas and I got this one a few years back because I love to read. (Hey, Brittini, I was looking at it yesterday and one of the books is called "Ladybird." YESSSS!)We got this one on our 2nd anniversary, which was spent at the lovely Avila Beach. It is made of seashells and is totally beautiful.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Charlie Update

Some of our friends have heard part of the story, so here is the whole spiel on Charlie:

On Friday around 1pm, my grandma (who was watching Charlie) said that he wasn't walking around. I thought that he just didn't want to go anywhere and was maybe coming down with a cold, so I didn't worry about it. When I picked him up after work, she said he was crawling around, so I thought "I guess it isn't that he doesn't want to go anywhere..." I decided I would take him to Urgent Care the next morning if he still had symptoms.

That evening, he seemed to be in some pain, and I realized that he would need x-rays if it was a break, so I decided to take him to the ER instead. Greg had a scout thing going at our house, so Charlie and I went to the ER right here at Pomerado at around six, and got checked in about seven. Since he would scream any time the doctor even thought about approaching him, they couldn't get a read on where he was hurting (although since he is such a big boy, they were sort of disbelieving of the fact that he couldn't tell them exactly what hurt and what happened. I kept saying, "he's only 21 months!") so they decided to x-ray the whole leg. At that point, we had to pull Greg away from his scout activity, since I couldn't assist with the x-ray due to pregnancy. They did the x-ray around 8, and read it at about 8:45. They didn't see any breaks, so they took blood. At about 9:15 they told us that the blood test showed an elevated white count, which could indicate some kind of infection in the knee or other joint. They said that they would like him to go to Children's Hospital for further tests. Also, apparently it is hospital policy that if you go from one hospital to another, you have to go by ambulance. So, they called an ambulance which arrived around ten. They strapped Charlie in, but he was so upset that they let me ride in the back with him, instead of up front, which was a blessing. We drove down to Children's and checked into the ER there. They did more x-rays and still didn't see any breaks, so they sent us home about 3am (Charlie didn't fall asleep until TWO FORTY FIVE that morning!) and told us to follow up with our primary.

Saturday and Sunday he still wouldn't put any weight on it and was not eating or sleeping like he ought. He has also been a lot crankier than normal (since he is normally pretty easy going.) This morning I took him to his primary, who is wonderful. He said it is probably just a bad sprain or a muscle strain, and to just keep doing what we are doing. If things aren't a lot better by Wednesday, we will take him into an orthopedist. I took today and tomorrow off, and Greg is taking Wednesday off, so we are happy to be able to be home and watching him. He is mostly in a good mood today, which is nice (as long as there are no doctors around...). We are just hanging out and relaxing. (Don't have energy for much else since we were up a lot of the night!)

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers as little Charlie is dealing with this. I will get some pictures of him crawling around later today, because it is so darn cute, and sort of pathetic. Reminds me of when he was a little(er) guy. He is using his weakened state to demand obscene quantities of fun fruits and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Speaking of little, with all the doctor's visits, we got some updates on his stats. Charlie is officially 30 pounds! (They gave it to me in kilograms, so between four people and a calculator at the church Christmas party, we worked out that he is 30.2 pounds. And we were ashamed that we can't do simple multiplication. But not that ashamed because why else were calculators invented?)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little taste...

We had family pictures done for our Christmas cards last weekend, and here are a couple. I haven't decided which one is going out in the mail, so that is why there aren't any group shots posted here. But Kristin did a fabulous job, as always. Thanks!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The results are in...

The poll was right! Baby #2 is a girl!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cast your vote...

We are going to try and find out what the baby is on Saturday! We will be 17 weeks, so it is a little iffy, but I think we might get lucky. =)