Friday, November 6, 2009

My favorite thing.

Reading is my very favorite thing.
Here are some of the delightful books sitting on my nightstand right now.
Being completely ignored.
This is because where I used to put Charlie to bed (and lets face it, usually Greg around the same time) and then have an hour or so to myself to read, I now barely make it to 9pm (Charlie's bedtime) before I fall flat on my face and succumb to exhaustion.
^This month's book club. Don't think I will make it.
(This one I am actually 1/2 through but it is SO LONG I don't know if I will ever finish it. I like Lund and this is a great story, but I am starting to skim a little bit. Two bajillion pages are quite enough.)

I so want to read all these books. Especially the Nick Hornby (my favorite author and no-so-secret love of my life after Greg.) and the Richard Castle (does anyone watch the show Castle? They actually published the Nikki Heat book!) and ALL these books so I can get started on new ones.

I am ashamed. My goodreads account is growing virtual cobwebs.

Here's to an energy filled second trimester!

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Kirsten said...

I used to get bored while breastfeeding, until I realized that its the perfect time to read. But by the time I realized that I too now have a stack that I haven't gotten to yet...maybe someday we can both get caught up. So many books and not enough time!