Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We only took Charlie to a few houses (our loss, since we didn't end up with that much candy - the Trunk or Treat candy went into the "pass out" bowl, so we didn't get that, and then we didn't get too much around the neighborhood) but we had a great time on Halloween. Charlie did get to eat several pieces of candy, and was found climbing on the table to get into his bucket and into some nerds. He even figured out how to open the box and was downing the candy when we found him (and let him keep them - hard work should be rewarded).

We spent most of Halloween at my sister's party, Charlie spent it in the lap of luxury with his gramma (the party was at Greg's mom's house) and occasionally making trips downstairs to woo all the ladies with his dance stylings.

Anyway, Halloween was delightful. Can you tell what we all were?


Kirsten said...

Ahhh I just love his little costume! Too cute!

Stacy said...

wolverine, elephant, zoo keeper slash safari guide!!!!

Kiersten said...

Gerald from Mo Willem's books!