Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for...

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Thoughts

1) I wear contacts. I replace them at the beginning of each month, so I know that I am using them long enough to feel economical (they are the 2 week disposables) but not so long that they will cut my eye (I have had contacts cut my eye twice. One of the times I had to wear an eyepatch. I was super scurvy. But the kidlets that I babysat for thought I was awesome.) Anyway, when I lose a contact (happens when you are naughty and wear your contacts to sleep sometimes....) I used to throw both away and either wear glasses until the next time came to change them, or I would just put new ones in. A few years ago I decided to keep the contact that I didn't lose and just replace the lost contact, figuring that it would all even out eventually. My eyes have different prescriptions (dramatically different. My left eye is twice as blind as my right) so I have a different box for each eye, but, as I said, it would all even out eventually.
I have discovered that I have NEVER lost a left contact, but that I lose my right contacts all the time. My box of left contacts is significantly bigger than my box of right contacts. What causes this anomaly?

2) I am feeling much better in the pregnancy. I am around 15 weeks now, and I haven't thrown up in something like two weeks! And, I didn't go to bed before 9pm ONCE this weekend! Whoo!

3) This was my husband's big idea of the day. My sister was calling me all throughout and I was JUST as stressed as she was! And still, my husband gave me no inclination that he was going to do that. Naughty.

4) Poor Stanley was ousted from his home the other day when he spread his web across our door frame and some visitors came over and couldn't get in the house. I said "oh, just walk underneath, I will get him later." And they laughed and said "like we would." They stood outside while I rescued them from the spider. Two. Grown. Men. Whatever.
In any case, I brushed him down with a broom, thinking he would learn his lesson and be less forward with our doorway. But he took offense and has apparently taken up residence somewhere completely different. I sort of miss him. At least for showing Charlie everytime we walked in the door.

5) (a) We are getting a new Christmas tree this year! Our first tree (pictured here), which was $16 from Walmart, by the way, has served us well, but my mother got a monster tree this year and is hooking us up with her former tree. It's pre-lit. I am pleased.
5) (b) Um. Christmas is almost here. I am not ready.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My favorite thing.

Reading is my very favorite thing.
Here are some of the delightful books sitting on my nightstand right now.
Being completely ignored.
This is because where I used to put Charlie to bed (and lets face it, usually Greg around the same time) and then have an hour or so to myself to read, I now barely make it to 9pm (Charlie's bedtime) before I fall flat on my face and succumb to exhaustion.
^This month's book club. Don't think I will make it.
(This one I am actually 1/2 through but it is SO LONG I don't know if I will ever finish it. I like Lund and this is a great story, but I am starting to skim a little bit. Two bajillion pages are quite enough.)

I so want to read all these books. Especially the Nick Hornby (my favorite author and no-so-secret love of my life after Greg.) and the Richard Castle (does anyone watch the show Castle? They actually published the Nikki Heat book!) and ALL these books so I can get started on new ones.

I am ashamed. My goodreads account is growing virtual cobwebs.

Here's to an energy filled second trimester!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We only took Charlie to a few houses (our loss, since we didn't end up with that much candy - the Trunk or Treat candy went into the "pass out" bowl, so we didn't get that, and then we didn't get too much around the neighborhood) but we had a great time on Halloween. Charlie did get to eat several pieces of candy, and was found climbing on the table to get into his bucket and into some nerds. He even figured out how to open the box and was downing the candy when we found him (and let him keep them - hard work should be rewarded).

We spent most of Halloween at my sister's party, Charlie spent it in the lap of luxury with his gramma (the party was at Greg's mom's house) and occasionally making trips downstairs to woo all the ladies with his dance stylings.

Anyway, Halloween was delightful. Can you tell what we all were?

It happened...

We knew it was coming.

Charlie took a nose dive out of his crib last night, instead of going to sleep.

Now what?

PS, He was fine. As soon as we fetched him and let him sleep in our bed, I think he figured out that jumping out of the crib was totally the way to go. Shoot. Now we are really in for it.