Wednesday, October 28, 2009

C is for Cookie

Normally Charlie won't smile so sweetly for the camera (see all other posts for proof) but yesterday Greg was playing Sesame Street clips for him, so he gave me a cute smile.

Along those same lines, a few nights ago I put on his favorite song, C is for Cookie (he loves because we sing C is for Charlie, and also because he copies Cookie Monster and pretends to gobble up cookies at the end of the song) and then walked away to do some dishes. I heard the song end and then I heard it start up again. I assumed it was on some kind of loop but when I heard it start the third time, I investigated. I hadn't moved the mouse from the play button I had pushed earlier, so it was just hovering over the play. Charlie had been clicking the mouse to get it to restart. I would be kind of proud that my one year old can operate you tube, but the pride comes with a certain amount of trepidation. What does this mean for his future? =)

Future Rockstar

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have a lot of delightful friends who go all out for Halloween decorations, and have done a great jb and then posted their masterpieces on their blogs. I was feeling left out, except I do not happen decorate for Halloween (well, we bought some pumpkins, but we have yet to carve them and Halloween is in like 72 hours, so it is questionable if it is going to happen). This is for the following reasons:

1) I only have one Halloween decoration (hand me down from my mother).
2) I keep said decoration in the Christmas decorations, because where else am I going to put one lone decoration?
3) I don't have the Christmas decorations out at Halloween time.

Therefore, my house isn't decorated in the traditional sense. But I do have one thing to contribue.

Huge spiders. Everywhere. This one is Stanley, and he lives on our little porch light. He isn't hurting anyone, so I just leave him there. Usually there are at least one or two fist sized daddy-long leg type spiders lurking around my house, but I guess I must have gotten them recently (I capture them and free them outside. Probably why there are always more in my house, because I don't nip them in the bud. But it isn't their fault they are spiders, so I am not killing them for it) because I couldn't find any for the photographs, so Stanley is all you have to see my Halloween decor.

And don't lean too close to our wall when you ring our doorbell, or he may come after you.

Preview of what is to come...


Greg had Columbus Day off (lucky) and so and Charlie went to the Zoo.

He was really interested in why the elephant was lifting up his foot. Greg said he spent a good five minutes looking under there.
Camels, for Aunt Stacy.
And, as always, if Greg is the one dressing him, he will be wearing a Chargers or BYU jersey.


Okay, its possible that the BYU team has had better seasons, but we still bleed blue and white, so I am still posting these slightly out of date photos of when we went to the game a few weeks ago. We got free (!) club seats from my boss, which was simply delightful. The seats were PADDED. We were living in style. Plus, we got these VIP passes to the Championship tent where we got free food. So it was pretty happening.

Go Cougars!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


(Q) Is it true that you are pregnant?
(A) Yes.

(Q) When are you due/how far along are you?
(A) I am due May 14th and I am eleven-ish weeks along.

(Q) Why are you telling before you are twelve weeks?
(A) I threw up in my boss's office (in the trashcan, as delicately as possible) when I was about eight weeks along, and I had to announce the news to her (and to her boss, who was in the room at the time. It was during a meeting about Union Negotiations, so it was official business I interrupted) to avoid getting quarantined for swine flu. Then, I didn't like having my boss know and not my family, so we told our family. Since then there has been a sort of whisper campaign going, where people are hearing through the grapevine, which brings us to date.

(Q) Are you going to find out what you are having?
(A) Yes, probably sometime around Christmas.

(Q) Do you have a preference on boy or girl?
(A) Of course we would be happy with either one, although it seems like it would be easier to have another boy, since I already have all the clothes and stuff. But I don't know if that is a good enough reason. Greg has an uncle who says he is psychic, and he has predicted a girl, so there you go.

(Q) How do you feel?
(A) I think I said this in my first pregnancy, but the whole concept of "fine" takes on a different meaning when I am pregnant (and I think the same for a lot of others I know). In other words, I am avoiding the hospital or any other serious complications, so I am very blessed and lucky. But I feel sort of wretched. In addition to the unfortunate physical state of being pregnant, I feel extremely happy, eager, and excited.

(Q) Any weird cravings?
(A) Thus far, I haven't really wanted that much that I don't normally like. My desire for bagels and cream cheese has been perhaps more intense (I don't normally cry over cream cheese, but I do like it even when I am not pregnant). I drink Capri Sun like it is going out of style. I have found myself incredibly susceptible to TV advertising though. This brings Greg joy. It has made me avoid commercials at all costs.

(Q) Where do you plan on delivering?
(A) We had Kaiser with Charlie, and we don't anymore, so we will be trying out a new hospital. We will deliver at Pomerado Hospital.

(Q) What number grandchild will this be?
(A) For Greg's mom, this will be #2. For Greg's dad, #18. My parents, #5. Great-Grandma H, #5. Great-Grandma and Grandpa M, #10. This new baby will be coming into the world with lots of little friends.

(Q) Do you already have names picked out?
(A) No! I have a friend who is already sending me emails with name ideas as they come to her, and I encourage you all to join in. She says I ought to create a google document of ideas so people can add to it online. I do not know how to do this. Therefore, you have to give me your ideas organically.

(Q) What are you calling it in the meantime?
(A) Squirt, per my sister's naming ritual. When I was pregnant with Charlie, I think she called him tater tot before we knew he was Charlie.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We headed over to Bates Nut Farm a couple weeks ago to hit up some pumpkins and check out some animals (Charlie said MOOOOOO indiscriminately to all of them with four legs).

I got a lot of pictures but blogger is bothering me, so I am just posting these.
Sadly, this year, we did not go with the enormous pumpkin, and opted for three little ones. We told Charlie he could get whichever he could lift, and, while he made a valiant effort with the one pictured aboved, he ended up with one of the little baby ones.
Now we just need to carve them!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Spencer got his mission call!!!!
(Drum roll...)

He will be serving in Mexico City North, Mexico, and he enters the MTC on February 3rd. He is thrilled and we are all very excited for him!

Good job, Spencer!

His mission will be two years long. The first six weeks will be spent in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, Utah, where he will get an immersion course in the Spanish language. Then, he will ship off to Mexico, where he will be serving the Lord 24/7, including talking with members of the church, going door to door to teach people who are interested, and doing service projects. He will write letters (and possibly email, if it is available in his area) and he gets to call home twice a year, Christmas and Mother's Day. Spencer won't be paid, in fact, he and my parents will pay for him to go. It will be a big sacrifice to him, and for all of us to say goodbye, but we are so proud of him.