Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday we went to visit Gramma M for her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WE LOVE YOU!) and Charlie got to play with her 42 year old tortoise. It makes me laugh to think that my dad had this little guy (don't let the name Shelby trick you, he is all man) when he was a little kid, I fed it lettuce when I was little, and now Charlie is watching him. He said "turtle, turtle!" Okay, he said "to-tah, to-tah."

It was 104 degrees, so we didn't stay outside with Shelby very long, but he wanted to back out there the whole time we visited, so when we left I told him we could go say bye bye to Shelby. Charlie went outside and marched directly to where we had found him before (under the BBQ) and bent over to look underneath again. We said "Charlie, he won't be under there this time, he will be somewhere else" but, sure enough, he was back there. Charlie tried to pull him out himself, but we let the poor turtle enjoy his nap.


Marianne said...

OK, those are the cutest pictures!!!

Stacy said...

i think shelby will outlive all of us!!!!