Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My sister has complained of late of my lack of blogging, but, if you can believe it, nothing is going on. But Charlie got a haircut. So that is what you are getting, Stacy.
Here is a before. This is Saturday at Aunt Jill's house. And that is a BYU jersey. Greg dresses him in jerseys every Saturday. Here he is nursing his capri sun Monday night.
Here he is checking it out in the new mirror (my delightful birthday present. And we are working on the "no touching!" and my little brother stole my glass cleaner, so ignore the smudges).
Remind you of anything? No? I am just too into Harry Potter?
I think he likes it.


Stacy said...

i loved his hair but that little BUZZ is just so CUTE!!!

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure capri suns are the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Anonymous said...

That's rude of Wes to steal your glass cleaner.