Sunday, August 23, 2009

18 Months

Our little baby boy is officially a year-and-a-half.
We have no idea where the time went. But here are some fun things about him:

1) He is going to Nursery (the chuch meeting for the 18 months to 3 year olds)! We started sneaking him in there at about 17 months because we figured he was close enough. While deceit might not be the best way to get started in a church class, he has done well. Nursery is during the second and third hours of church, and he loves playtime, singing time, and snack time. So far he barely misses mommy or daddy at all during that time.

2) Words: "mama" but more often "dada", "book", "ball", "gramma", "dog" and "woof woof", "more", "baba" (for bottle), "bye bye" (although he just waves most often).

3) When we say "prayer time!" he folds his little arms (okay, maybe only like 50% of the time, but that is still pretty good, since we didn't even specifically teach him to do it, he just sort of picked it up.)

4) He looooves to talk on the phone and anytime I do, he asks for it. If I give it to him, he walks away and talks. He wedges the phone between his shoulder and his face (apparently he sees mommy talk on the phone a lot) and when he is done, he waves and brings the phone back to me. He also special delivers the phone to someone if he hears it ringing.

5) When we say "go get a book" he runs into his room and points to his bookshelf and says "book!" He loves to read, especially with daddy.

6) He plays the guitar with his dad, especially on Saturday mornings when everyone lets mommy sleep in.

7) After a week at the beach with Daddy, he has no fear of water and will run headlong into the waves. We haven't test out his fear or lack thereof at the pool yet, but I am thinking his fear of that may have abated as well.

8) He loves to color and is always pointing to his high chair and his crayons.

9) When he is done eating or whatever he is doing in his high chair, he shouts for our attention and then waves his hands around (the ASL for "all done") or just points down at the floor for us to get him down. This is a vast improvement from when he would just stand up in the chair (the chair is a hand-me-down and the seatbelt is broken, so we couldn't tie him down). Once he even fell out but the chair actually caught his foot. He was dangling and screaming, but at least he wasn't smashed on the floor.

10) He requires to eat all food with utensils, like mommy and daddy do. He hates sippy cups, and wants either to be all baby (with the bottle, I know we need to say goodbye to it, but it is hard!) or a big boy, with a non-lidded cup. I think his affinity for the no lid also comes from the fact that he loves to wash his hands in his drink water. I have to give him drinks one tablespoon at a time, which is slightly annoying, but makes for less cleaning up.


Sel said...

Aww. That first picture, his outfit is from Auntie Sel. He *was* SO LITTLE!

jessica said...

A big Yay...for nursery!

Kim W said...

I love the pictures. Too sweet. How funny that he wants a finger bowl with his meal. He's more refined than you've ever shared. Ha!

Stacy said...

i just want to share.... i took both of those pictures. i am very consistent in my photography!