Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Six things I learned (or relearned) about moving:

6) Charlie is going to be filthy the entire time. I was giving him two baths a day, and he was still dirty every minute. Not even counting the fact that he spent one entire afternoon eating cobwebs in the garage.

5) Charlie adores his father. After refusing to sleep the whole week, we all (by we all, I mean everyone I consulted about this issue) decided it was because we were moving and he was in a new place and off his schedule. The very day Greg came home, however, Charlie went immediately down to bed at night, and has slept perfectly fine ever since.
4) Fast food is just a moving way of life.
3) I. Have. Way. Too. Many. Books. (After making the declaration last week that I am never buying another book, I bought two this weekend. It's an illness.)

2) I had three days off work to do the move, and as difficult as the moving while trying to watch Charlie by myself was, it reminded me that I cannot WAIT to be a stay at home mom someday. I just love being home with my little man, and making him all his meals, putting him down for naps, being there when he woke up, etc. Someday!!!
1) We have wonderful friends and family and are so grateful for those many people who helped us, especially while Greg was gone, including, but not limited to, Grandma H, Mom, the Crandalls, Brookie, Lizzy, Maddi, and Sara. Thank you!!!!


Stacy said...

"AND.... i eat bugs, mmmm!"

Tristen said...

1- These pictures of Charlie are precious, he is such a sweetie.

2- My parents said that they got to sit by you guys at the Elder H. fireside and that they enjoyed looking at little Charlie as well.

3- Before you made the crack about your legs, I was going to post that you looked GREAT!

4- I was also going to comment that your moms house looks awesome as well, it's been a while since I've actually been IN the house and it just looks awesome. Wish we could be there.

5- Wish we lived closer so Corban and Charlie could have played while you were doing your moving! Although it probably was kind of nice to have him around, filthy and all. I thought all kids were filthy all of the time?! Not just when moving!? Oops, that's just mine I guess.

6- Wish I had more comments because I'm procrastinating a SERIOUS appointment with my laundry and quickly spoiling groceries (all sitting on my filthy, food covered floor)...