Monday, July 20, 2009


Some updates on what is going on with us:

1) Charlie is saying a lot of new words, such as "Spencer," "HOT," and "more." It is hard to decide which words he knows and is saying on his own and which words he is just mimicking us. He is doing a lot of that lately, where he just repeats what we just said. He is also saying "woof woof" and "ee ee" (a derivitave of "ee-ee, ah-ah, oo-oo," the monkey noises we make) when we ask him "what does the dog say?" or "what does the monkey say?" He loves to put things in boxes (or trash cans, if that is more handy. I have to dig thru the trash before we take it out to search for his sippy cups.) He has 12 teeth (about six of them, including four molars, are cutting all together) and is looking so grown up every day.

2) Spencer started filling out his papers for his mission YESTERDAY! We are very excited for him. They are online now, so Charlie and I gathered around Spencer and his laptop (too close for his comfort, I am sure) and watched him fill out where he was born, etc.

3) We are moving again. I know, people keep saying "AGAIN?!" but we have had legitimate reasons for all the moves we have made. The first move after we got married was to California after we graduated from BYU. Then, Spencer moved in with us in July 2008, so we moved to a bigger (more expensive) place. Our lease was up in July 2009, and we know Spencer is moving out again soon, for his mission, so we have moved to a cheaper (slightly smaller) place. We are a little squished, but it still fits all of us. So, we know we have been moving every year, but I guess it is just the way things go when you don't own and your family size is in flux.

4) For any of you who heard/are interested, I have been having a few weird things going on with my health (namely fainting) but the doctors are not worried (and it is NOT pregnancy). Thanks for everyone's love and concern. =)

5) Greg is at Scout Camp this week, so we miss him already. We also miss the truck, which I didn't know he was taking to scout camp. We are about 75% in our new house, but it is going to mean a lot of trips back and forth in my Nissan to get the rest of the stuff over here!


Kirsten said...

Did Spencer add the clause to his mission papers that if gets sent to Kentucky then he isn't going?
Adam and I fully appreciated his randomness when we hung out with you guys :)

Rachel said...

He was going to, but we convinced him that saying that would get him an immediate "Provo, UT" call. He instead wrote in the comments section "I would be really excited to serve a mission on a foreign continent and am very interested in learning a new language."

Life 4 Nae said...

you are fainting again!? Rachel! I won't be there this time to call Greg to take you away (and me) from Spanish class!
But seriously, I hope you are doing ya

Lacey said...

Hope you feel better Rachel! For some reason I faint a lot too, don't you hate it when people think its because you're pregnant?!?! Congrats to Spencer for putting his papers in!! And good luck on the move!