Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jen's Baby Shower

On Saturday, we had a little baby shower for Jen, who is having her first baby - a girl.
My lovely sister took over decor,a nd I think she made it look delightful.Even Charlie got to party.Charlie, doing his part and carrying the gifts around.We got to see several friends from high school, including Jessica J.Pretty good turn out, and over all, I would say it was a success.

Congrats on your little girl, Jen! You and Austin will make great parents! And thanks for everyone who came out, and especially Susan, Stacy, and Jessi for helping out with the shower!

(PS, yes, that is the actual color of my legs. This is why I wear nylons to church.)


Six things I learned (or relearned) about moving:

6) Charlie is going to be filthy the entire time. I was giving him two baths a day, and he was still dirty every minute. Not even counting the fact that he spent one entire afternoon eating cobwebs in the garage.

5) Charlie adores his father. After refusing to sleep the whole week, we all (by we all, I mean everyone I consulted about this issue) decided it was because we were moving and he was in a new place and off his schedule. The very day Greg came home, however, Charlie went immediately down to bed at night, and has slept perfectly fine ever since.
4) Fast food is just a moving way of life.
3) I. Have. Way. Too. Many. Books. (After making the declaration last week that I am never buying another book, I bought two this weekend. It's an illness.)

2) I had three days off work to do the move, and as difficult as the moving while trying to watch Charlie by myself was, it reminded me that I cannot WAIT to be a stay at home mom someday. I just love being home with my little man, and making him all his meals, putting him down for naps, being there when he woke up, etc. Someday!!!
1) We have wonderful friends and family and are so grateful for those many people who helped us, especially while Greg was gone, including, but not limited to, Grandma H, Mom, the Crandalls, Brookie, Lizzy, Maddi, and Sara. Thank you!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Scoutmaster Splash

Greg's first words upon returning home from Scout Camp?
"I won the scoutmaster splash." A belly flop contest. He's never been so proud.
His scouts were pretty proud of him too.

Thank yous...

A friend of mine is a graphic design student and is giving away lovely thank you cards on her blog. Leave her a comment to win.

Here is the link.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Some updates on what is going on with us:

1) Charlie is saying a lot of new words, such as "Spencer," "HOT," and "more." It is hard to decide which words he knows and is saying on his own and which words he is just mimicking us. He is doing a lot of that lately, where he just repeats what we just said. He is also saying "woof woof" and "ee ee" (a derivitave of "ee-ee, ah-ah, oo-oo," the monkey noises we make) when we ask him "what does the dog say?" or "what does the monkey say?" He loves to put things in boxes (or trash cans, if that is more handy. I have to dig thru the trash before we take it out to search for his sippy cups.) He has 12 teeth (about six of them, including four molars, are cutting all together) and is looking so grown up every day.

2) Spencer started filling out his papers for his mission YESTERDAY! We are very excited for him. They are online now, so Charlie and I gathered around Spencer and his laptop (too close for his comfort, I am sure) and watched him fill out where he was born, etc.

3) We are moving again. I know, people keep saying "AGAIN?!" but we have had legitimate reasons for all the moves we have made. The first move after we got married was to California after we graduated from BYU. Then, Spencer moved in with us in July 2008, so we moved to a bigger (more expensive) place. Our lease was up in July 2009, and we know Spencer is moving out again soon, for his mission, so we have moved to a cheaper (slightly smaller) place. We are a little squished, but it still fits all of us. So, we know we have been moving every year, but I guess it is just the way things go when you don't own and your family size is in flux.

4) For any of you who heard/are interested, I have been having a few weird things going on with my health (namely fainting) but the doctors are not worried (and it is NOT pregnancy). Thanks for everyone's love and concern. =)

5) Greg is at Scout Camp this week, so we miss him already. We also miss the truck, which I didn't know he was taking to scout camp. We are about 75% in our new house, but it is going to mean a lot of trips back and forth in my Nissan to get the rest of the stuff over here!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I was doing laundry and I heard something in Charlie's room. I went in there and Charlie had somehow turned on Spencer's radio, and was dancing.
Then he saw me and had to perform a little.He had just been drinking out of a cup, so don't mind his wet outfit.

Fourth Weekend

Beach, walks, the pool, uncles, friends, movies, fireworks. We did it all.

Husband brag

Last week, Greg brought home flowers.The occasion? Friday.
I am lucky. =)

Murrieta Birthday Party

Apparently it is cheaper to have fireworks on days that aren't July 4th, so Greg and my hometown does the "Murrieta Birthday Party" the weekend before Independence Day so people can frolic and watch fireworks and the city can save the money. We got to spend some time with Charlie's cousins, Corban and Avery.
My mom braved the big slide so Avery could join her.
She cheesed right up every time we put a camera in front of her.
The jolly jump.