Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today Charlie was with Grandma Brenda taking one of her friends to the doctor at the Kaiser hospital in Riverside. He was there allllll day and spent most of it trying to escape into the nurse's quarters (they were only too happy to oblige). After a relatively accident free day on the way out, he fell and landed on one of the benches. It was made of granite and cut right through his ear.

I suppose it is fairly lucky that he was at an actual hospital when he got his first real wound; urgent care sealed it with antiseptic glue (which strangely enough can't be in sunlight for more than five minutes. Weird.) Getting it fixed was far more traumatic than getting the actual wound as it entailed sitting still. The doctor swaddled him in a sheet so he couldn't move his arms and then had my mom lay across him to hold him still and two nurses holding his head while he screamed bloody murder. I am counting my blessings that I wasn't there, as I simply wouldn't have been able to handle it.

It looks so horrible and is worse in person. And since head wounds bleed so much, there was a veritable pool of blood left in the wake of this incident.
He seems to be okay, actually. A small amount of yelping when I took his shirt off (there will be button up shirts for the rest of the week). But check out all the blood on his shirt.
Thing number 82,346 they don't tell you before you had kids: when they get hurt it hurts worse than when you do.
(By the way, don't mind the butchered hair cut. Goes back to his refusal to sit still. I had to get two assistants to help distract him enough to take the pictures of his ear. So obviously cutting his hair the other day was difficult as well.)


Stacy said...

he was so so so cheerful afterwards though. he was fist bumping all of the clients in the office and dancing about. it was tender.

Ashcraft Family said...

Sorry to anyone else who left a comment; I accidently rejected them! But thanks for leaving them, you are very sweet and your sympathies are appreciated. =) It looks 1000 times better today and he doesn't appear to have any pain!

Life 4 Nae said...

Oh poor Charlie!

Kristin said...

that makes me cringe. i cant handle that stuff.

Kiersten said...

oh poor little guy! I'm glad you're both okay!