Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Updates:

1) Charlie's ear: Greg peeled the antiseptic glue of yesterday. Most of the scab came off too. In two words, completely disgusting. But whatever. At least it is better! (And I can wash him. He has had some oatmeal in his eyebrow for like three days, and I couldn't properly wash him or his hair when he had that glue stuff on.)

2) The LSAT. I am not sure I can write this without feelings of stress and despair overtaking me, but I am going to try. As some of you know or inferred from the last post, the LSAT was originally scheduled for the morning of Saturday, June 6th and then was rescheduled for the afternoon of Monday, June 8th. Greg took it yesterday and just didn't feel up to it I guess. He has taken countless practices and scored as high as 168, so he was hoping to do about that well on the one he took yesterday. However, he came away from it not feeling great. He thought he was in the 160-165 range, which is pretty good, but not as well as he knows he could be. Maybe it was the afternoon, maybe it was the stress of the reschedule; who knows. However, Greg knows that he can do better than he did, so he had the score CANCELLED and we will therefore never know how he did yesterday! It is a little bit frustrating, but he has decided to take it again, and a caveat of taking the LSAT twice is that they don't take your highest score, they take an average of all scores. So, he decided that he was safer cancelling it and just taking it again than risking this potentially lower score bringing him down. Therefore, he will be hitting the books even harder and taking it again in September. He will still be able to apply for law school in time to enter in the fall of 2010, according to the original plan. This new plan will just add more time to study (and more money into paying for the test and study materials again). And a little bit less time with Greg/Daddy around the house, but we can deal with it. Thanks for every one's prayers and good vibes; we will need them again in September!

3) Biting: who knows some great solutions to discipline a violent one year old? Charlie is still very good natured, but he doesn't realize that his piranha like mouth can really hurt.

4) Misc: we have about 36,872 friends getting married, graduating from miscellaneous places and levels or having babies this summer. I need to invest in some more Target gift cards!

5) I recently realized (while rating and reviewing countless books on goodreads) that I am the opposite of a book snob. I pretty much enjoy almost everything I read. If I score anything lower than a 3 star, it is kind of an event for me. Not that I don't recognize classic literature as better than chick lit. Just that I pretty much like both. Random.

6) My youngest brother stayed with me last weekend, and I remembered how much I love him, my older brother, and my sister. Of course my darling brother who lives with us I always remember, since he is always there to help out/hang out. (You can always be the weird uncle in the basement.) I have great siblings!


Shari said...

I should have you recommend some books to me. I finally got a library card, but strangely the Provo library does not have a HUGE selection and everything I want is always checked out. And since they don't have a "If you liked this book, You should try..." I am on my own.

Also, going through wedding pictures recently I realized that I have some cute pictures of your family from the reception. I should send them to you.

Stacy said...

yaaaay for siblings! wes is so fun!

Charles said...

The LSAT can be intense. It is worth noting that not all law schools average the scores. The rules changed in 2007 allowing each law school to decide for itself whether they would average the score or take the highest. Either way, if you take the LSAT more than twice it starts to look a little fishy. Anywhere in the 160's is a decent score. Anyhow, I have been there I know how stressful it can be. It feels much better once the score arrives and you realize you never have to take the LSAT ever again!

Kim W said...

I'm so sorry for all the worry and stress of the LSAT. You looked so much brighter on Sunday when you talked of it being over. Now to work up to that again... I'll be rooting for you!!!

ferntyler said...

major LSAT bummer! Now he is really going to nail it though :)