Monday, June 1, 2009

Some notes:

1) Things Charlie has learned to do in the last week: bite until he draws blood, put smashed up cereal into the clean laundry basket, and remove his diaper.

2) I like TV. I know it is sort of vogue to say "I hate TV; it is all trash" but I am afraid I am not one of those cool people. We have several TV shows that we like (unfortunately all off for the summer months, except Burn Notice, which comes back on this week) but I have also been introduced to the fact that I like watching sports on TV. Greg and I have been watching football for a few years now, and now Spencer has us addicted to basketball (which in TV form I like more than football. Sorry Greg.)
2.5) I am sad that the Cavs won't be playing the Lakers in the finals. But GO LAKERS anyway.

3) I love Andy Samberg and I enjoyed the MTV Movie Awards last night. I vote that Eminem had no idea about the Sasha Cohen thing, and also that every single person involved with the movie Twilight is ridiculously awkward and needs some training in how to speak. Except the one who was from the Disney channel. It appears that the Disney channel grooms its child stars. Although Miley Cyrus is still fairly awkward. Even though I do like that song. (I know I shall be persecuted for this later by my family, but I do!)
3.5) In addition to basketball, I have recently grown to love (mostly because of my brother who lives with us) Saturday Night Live. It just kills me.

4) The Beehives (12-13 year old girls) in my ward are the sweetest girls in the whole world.

5) Happy June! A friend from church who works for the National Weather Service says that people have been accusing him of causing this slightly unfortunate weather we have been having lately, so I won't complain.

6) Charlie is getting teeth numbers 7 and 8 currently. They are molars and allegedly hurt really badly, so I feel sorry for him (even though this is causing him to act out. Sorry to all the babies he made cry at church yesterday. And to their mothers.) But it is pretty funny because his first two teeth were on the bottom and then the last six have been on the top. With no bottom ones in sight. He looks like a wood chuck with an under bite.

7) I am so excited for THIS and THIS.


Nate said...

High five for being an NBA fan!

*HoLLy and AdAm TOwNeR* said...

I am sad that the Cavs wont be playing the Lakers either! James is such an amazing finisher. Orlando will be an awkward match but at least they have Dwight Howard.

Kim W said...

#1. Ugh! I forgot about all those 'milestones'. :)
#2. Love, love, love watching basketball on TV.
#3. Hate Andy Samberg, but love SNL.
#4. I take serious issue with. The Mia Maids/Laurel class has to be best in the world! These girls AMAZE me!

Stacy said...

what about project runway?!

Stacy said...

additionally... andy samberg and i are getting married.