Sunday, June 21, 2009

Del Mar Fair

We went to the fair on Saturday, on a quest for fun and fried food. We found plenty of both. Wesley and Sara about to embark on the big swing. Charlie was very nervous for them and had to give them both big hugs when they finished up.
Charlie and I watched them on the crazy mouse roller coster.
They let us all come in together, and then put Greg and I on the ferris wheel and then started it without Wes and Sara. So they had to get on the next bucket. Here we are from the opposite side of the wheel, where Wesley was sitting at.They were at the top of the ferris wheel when we got off.Charlie showed absolutely no qualms about running off on his own.The delicious food of the day was this:
It was a potato, curled up kinda like how you do apples when you make an apple pie. Then they were fried and sprinkled with the most delicious lemon pepper ever. I think I need two or three more. (We also had funnel cake, roasted corn, fried snickers, carmel apple towers, battered potatoes, and cotton candy. Only 3 or 4 thousand calories or so.)
Charlie fulfilled his life dream and played the game where you pick the duck and win a prize.
By the end of the day, Charlie had to be "handled" by a master. But he was generally pretty well behaved.
We had SOOOO much fun. And we got these cool group tickets from Sara's work that allows us to go back the whole month, so you might see us back there again!


Bryn said...

Totally cute pics! I love the crazy mouse!

Stacy said...

LOVING wesley's level of interest on the swing ride!!!