Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The boys

I couldn't leave it on that note, so here are some pictures of the boys.

Playing Rockband. I love how they all have the exact same expression.
Charlie loves "horsey" lately. If he can reach our back he tries to climb up. Sometimes I am sitting doing laundry or something and he will come over and try and push me over until he can climb on my back. Charlie got on Greg the other night and sat and bounced for a few minutes while Greg explained to him about how his ACL was torn and now he has a bad knee and that is why he can't crawl around with a baby on his back. Charlie was not sympathetic.In the end Charlie won. He rode Daddy around the whole house.
Best picture for last. My sweet boys.


Amanda said...

I confess, I am not really a baby swooner. I don't always "get it" when people coo at stranger's babies in grocery store lines etc. (most the time I just want to get home and it my cheerios)...but you're child is adorable. The piggy back pics are really really sweet.

Stacy said...

my father will no longer allow me to ride about on his back. the other day wes and i dog piled dad and he just mumbled something about 3 times the weight/height and being over 50.

that's life.

Kristin said...

i love that second picture. too cute

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their mouth open on the first picture.