Friday, May 8, 2009


We went swimming yesterday to celebrate the lovely weather. I slathered him with sunscreen, reapplied twice, and we didn't go out until after three, which according to my mother, avoids the worst of the UV rays (I should probably look that up to verify).
I also bought a bathing suit that covered a large square-inch area on my poor, fair child. I bought it originally because it was so darling, (who doesn't want to see a child in a rash guard?!) but then it turned out to be good since apparently he burns as easily as I do!
He didn't get burned. =)

No pictures of us in the actual pool, since then I was in the pool too, so the camera was put away, but he wasn't crazy about it. I held him very tightly, and then he decided he liked sitting on the top step and splashing. However, he quickly discovered that if he were on the top step, he could just climb out and walk away, which he did.

Later, I decided to jump in the pool (Spencer had joined us and was watching Charlie) and that REALLY upset him. He screamed and cried for me until I surfaced. Apparently he thought I was down for good. But I got out of the pool and hugged him, and he seemed pacified.

Hooray for pool whether in May!!


Stacy said...

a little rash guard!!!!! have you EVER?!?!?!

Kirsten said...

I LOVE that last picture of him. He is just asking to get those cute little cheeks pinched.