Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good News:

I finally got the goodreads free book that I won over the weekend! I actually won two in a row, and then I blogged about it and (hopefully) got all of you guys to sign up and get free books too, and then I never got the alleged books. So then I was embarrassed that I marketed a fraud, so I just pretended it never happened. But now I know it isn't a fraud because I got my book (and an email from the other book person saying that the books got mailed and mine is on the way).

So, in case you held out on winning free books to make sure it was real, it is.

Here is the link again:


Stacy said...

goodnews on goodreads.

i need someone to teach me how to use this site.

and how to get free books.

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

No worries about thinking it was a fraud! I got my free book in about 2 weeks.... :)