Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is what happy looks like....

Bubbles. In the house.
A little taste.

$3 bubble gun from Target and the mess afterward: totally worth it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good News:

I finally got the goodreads free book that I won over the weekend! I actually won two in a row, and then I blogged about it and (hopefully) got all of you guys to sign up and get free books too, and then I never got the alleged books. So then I was embarrassed that I marketed a fraud, so I just pretended it never happened. But now I know it isn't a fraud because I got my book (and an email from the other book person saying that the books got mailed and mine is on the way).

So, in case you held out on winning free books to make sure it was real, it is.

Here is the link again:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meals these days

Charlie has commandeered the fork. He officially refuses to be fed ANYTHING. (Except ice cream. He would prefer to feed himself, but if it is between being fed ice cream and not having any, he will take the being fed. If it is between being fed regular food or taking nothing, he is fine with going hungry.)

His new requirements lead to new issues in the kitchen.
Finger painting with peanut butter. Lovely.
Speared Tobi's cat toy with a fork and is eating it. Mmmmmm.

Catching Up

I haven't blogged terribly recently, so here are some things that have been going on:
I had a week of mandatory vacation, so we went up to Utah to visit all our chums and check on our house.

The house was fine, as much as a headache as ever, but I think we got some things taken care of. =)

The weather was lovely, and we spent some time on the swings.
We stayed with the Rockwells and their children are simply darling. Julie, who kept saying "I am a cow, MEOW!"
Katherine and Julie. Charlie and Coren. Coren is almost 5 months and he and Charlie are almost the same height. It is bizzare. But Charlie had a good 20 pounds on him...
Charlie's life mission was to steal Kelly's pacifier. Sorry, girlie.
Got to visit Grandpa L on the way home from Utah. It is always so fun to see him!
But it is nice to be home. We are sorry we have to get back to real life (work) on Tuesday.


Recently in church there was a lesson on everyone having talents. The teacher said that she could probably go around the room and tell everyone what their talent was. I was sort of at a loss for mine. Not that I don't do things well; I have a few things I am rather adept at. But I couldn't think of a specific gift that was mine.

A friend of mine whispered that cookie baking was mine, and I have to say that I am a pretty good cookie baker. Unfortunately, I steal other people's recipes, they aren't actually mine.
In any case, I bake a lot of cookies, and I am very proud of them. Pictured above are my favorites, Martins. They are chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. Let me know if you ever need a plate of cookies, because I can hook you up!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend, full of fun and frolic.
On Saturday, I slept in, Greg hanging out with Charlie until I graced the world with my presence. Then, he said "be ready by noon" and at noon, Sara came and picked me up and we enjoyed a girls afternoon out! We hit the movie theatre (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - very mediocre; some funny bits) and I got a massage while she enjoyed a facial.
I came home to these:

and a lovely clean house! I got a keeper of a husband!

That evening, Greg and I hit Murrieta where I partied with Jessi and Sel, where we proceeded to trash talk everyone we went to high school with (unless we love you, in which case, we discussed our love for you) until one am (Selina was going on 24 hours awake). I didn't get a picture, unfortunately, but next time. Loved seeing you girls!

While I was having fun, Greg was having a different kind of fun taking a practice LSAT. His score is up to 163 (ten points higher than March, so he is doing GREAT!). He is going to keep working on the score until he takes it June 6th. We are hoping for a 165 or round abouts.

We got home from Murrieta at about two am, and found Spencer watching SNL with Justin Timberlake hosting, so we watched a couple of highlights ("Secretly? He totally hit that.") and went to bed.

Sunday morning I got to sleep in AGAIN and have breakfast burritos in bed. Then church, which was a great meeting (despite Charlie's fussiness; once we got to church I thought "he feels a little hot" and when we got home his fever was 99.9, which is low grade, but he still was slightly miserable, poor guy). After church we hit up Greg's step mom and visited for a while. Then my aunt's house where my family and Greg's mom all met up for dinner.

Charlie was all about this little car.
Four generations, Grandma H., me and Charlie, and mom.Me and sister.Brookie and I.
I just love being a mommy, and Happy Mother's Day to all the other wonderful women in my life, mommies or otherwise!

Especially Happy Mother's Day to Mom, Pat, and Regina, the important mommies to me and Greg! We love you all!

Friday, May 8, 2009


We went swimming yesterday to celebrate the lovely weather. I slathered him with sunscreen, reapplied twice, and we didn't go out until after three, which according to my mother, avoids the worst of the UV rays (I should probably look that up to verify).
I also bought a bathing suit that covered a large square-inch area on my poor, fair child. I bought it originally because it was so darling, (who doesn't want to see a child in a rash guard?!) but then it turned out to be good since apparently he burns as easily as I do!
He didn't get burned. =)

No pictures of us in the actual pool, since then I was in the pool too, so the camera was put away, but he wasn't crazy about it. I held him very tightly, and then he decided he liked sitting on the top step and splashing. However, he quickly discovered that if he were on the top step, he could just climb out and walk away, which he did.

Later, I decided to jump in the pool (Spencer had joined us and was watching Charlie) and that REALLY upset him. He screamed and cried for me until I surfaced. Apparently he thought I was down for good. But I got out of the pool and hugged him, and he seemed pacified.

Hooray for pool whether in May!!


I started taking pictures because Charlie's pants were falling off, which I don't think has ever happened before (his belly is usually sufficient to hold anything up) but then they turned into showing his new favorite pasttime.
Basketball. Or anything to do with balls.
He carries the ball all around the house. It is sort of large and heavy too, so I am impressed by his upper body strength. However, this Saturday I was sleeping in (Greg was up with him) and he woke me up with a basketball directly to the nose, so we went and got him a lighter ball he could carry around that won't threaten to break my nose when he hands it over.
He loves balls though. I had to get a new vacuum cleaner and I was in that aisle at Target and he somehow managed to lead me directly to the ball area, like six aisles away. He has ball-dar.

Laundry Day

My poor child had no PJs to wear the other night, so I tossed him in one of my shirts. WHY must you humiliate me so?!

Poor guy. And I have done the laundry now, so he is good. I just have to put it away...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some things that make me happy today:

1) Cinco de Selina. We met freshman year and it was love at first sight.Happy birthday!! Lots of love.

2) This guy (and his daddy), obviously.

3) These flowers, delivered from some girls at work.
The other day we were at one of the hotel restaurants and it got totally and unexpectedly slammed with guests, so Alma and I were servers for about 2 hours. It was SO hard, and I have a lot of respect for people who deal with cranky customers all the time. And now I know it takes 9 minutes to make the burger. Anyway, yesterday when I got back from lunch, I got to my desk and these had been delievered to say thanks. So sweet!
4) Upcoming "mandatory" vacation. Everyone had to take days off in May, and I took a WHOLE WEEK! No one has to tell me twice to take vacation! =) Greg got off the same days! So it is party city for us the week of May 18th. We are planning on going to Utah for a few days too, which we are so excited about!
5) Speaking of Utah, 1/2 our duplex got rented and we got May's rent! Hurrah for money toward the mortgage!
6) My new favorite song, called "Christmas TV" by Slow Club. It was on a TV episode the other night and we downloaded it, and other songs by them.