Saturday, April 25, 2009

Three smiles and a sigh


1) Grandma H's birthday!! Happy birthday, Grammie, we all love you so much!

2) My husband brought me these:

when he came home from LSAT class on Wednesday. =) And we went on a date last night! We saw "17 Again" (my choice, and I lied and told him we were seeing "Sunshine Cleaning" to get him there, but "Sunshine Cleaning" wasn't showing at our theatre and there wasn't anything else at the right time that I wanted to see. And, yes, we liked it. That High School Musical boy is something of a hottie. Who knew? And I cried during the "My Sister's Keeper" ad. Greg laughs at my ability to get emotional over a 2 minute snippet of a movie.)

3) I got a rockin new phone for free! I had to go to the Verizon store and it was taking FOREVER. When they finally finished fixing my issue (with my network card) they did the ol' "Is there anything else I can help you with?" and I said "Well, actually, the 7, 8, and 9 aren't working on my phone, nor is the send button." (It wasn't a huge issue because my phone opens so I can use the buttons on the inside, but it was slightly irritating. I didn't go in sooner because you know how they can never help unless you pay like 2 million dollars.) The guy I think felt bad that it took so long to fix their first mistake and that he didn't have any of my current phone in stock that he hooked me up with this one:for free and I didn't even have to renew my contract. It is the "Voyager" and is pretty much a knock off of the iphone, but is totally rad.

And sigh:
I thought I was such a good mother taking Charlie to the park on Thursday, but he ended up getting burned! I feel terrible and when I walk in a room everyone gasps and asks "what HAPPENED?!" Just good old mother of the year at work! The burn made him look like a raccoon, so I had to take a picture. Just the cheeks and forehead got taken (luckily he was wearing a turtleneck and pants, so neck, arms, and legs were safe).
Since I also got burned and mine wasn't hurting really, I assumed he was fine and just looked bad. But then on Friday, we woke up and he had blisters on his cheek and nose. I feel so horrible. But I thought I would share it with the world anyway.
Speaking of Charlie, he has developed this serious attitude lately, and just screams indignantly anytime I do anything that isn't to his liking (dressing him, wiping his nose, changing his diaper, giving him dinner). He also pulls me into the alligator death roll (did anyone else see that special on Animal Planet? No?) every time I get his diaper off.

Now he is eating cardboard. Better get back to it.


Stacy said...

clever child with the death roll option... i don't blame him. in the immortal words of POTUSA "Everybody wants to be naked and famous...."

jsmithfamily said...

Wow, was that from when we met at the park?!?! We were there for a long time. I'm so sorry. If it makes you feel better. Kenzie fell off the couch onto her face this week and it looks like we beat her up.

Sandy said...

Sunburns are inevitable during the spring, it goes from cold to sunny so fast every other day I can never get into the sunscreen groove before someone gets burned. I think Katie and I have both already been burned twice this spring. Where else are the kids going to get cute freckles from? :)

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

I love the bottom teeth!!! Although I do have to tell you sometime soon what my derm told me last week about kids and blistering sunburns.. not to worry you but Charlie and I share complexions :)

Mendenhalls said...

I too loved 17 Again and I teared up at the preview for My Sister's Keeper. We should go see that when it comes out. My hubby would rather have his toenails removed than go to that movie. (and I know you can appreciate that)

jessica said...

Good thing you know what he was like pre-alligator. Sounds like you have a fun stage coming on.