Monday, April 13, 2009


Every Easter since I can remember we do a pinata at Grandma M's house. A few requirements for the pinata: we have to use the rockin' sheet from the 70's you see in the pictures below to help catch the candy, and the pinata has to be an inanimate object, because Grandma can't handle bunnies, puppies, or Sponge Bob Square Pants's to be beat up before her very eyes. It is a great tradition, and one I was happy to have Charlie engage in this year!!
He went in for the candy...
...came out with one piece, and was satisfied. None of the scrambling around for more business.


Kim W said...

All these pictures are awesome. Isn't it fun to celebrate these events as they are old enough to get excited about every little thing. Love the egg "realization" that they open up. Ha!

I'm not clear on the pinata thing. Is that a tradition for Easter, or was it someone's birthday??? Share more detail.

Kirsten said...

We had a pinata on Easter too! Except it was for my niece's birthday and it was shaped like a penguin. So while yours looked fun, ours probably just looked weird.