Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Items of Business:

1) Happy tax day. For all my love of taxes, we owe California over $500 this year, so I am sorta getting why everyone else (except for those special few that share the tax love) hates them so much. The reason I put them off until today (I did them a while ago, but not as promptly as I usually do, but I am mailing them today) besides the fact that I didn't want to kiss my money goodbye, was because the statement of interest on our second mortgage was somewhere in one of my piles. I took a picture of it, but it won't upload, so I guess I will save the embarrassment of the world seeing my piles. I am a stacker. I love to go through things and pile them into categories. But eventually the stacks get out of hand, and then who wants to find anything in them? Anyway, I finally dug through it all and got them taken care off, and I am reluctantly sending off my payment for taxes. I guess I am a real grown up now that I have paid my first taxes (other than payroll. And real estate. You know what I mean.)

2) Look for the upcoming "Look what I can do!" post about Charlie. The pictures won't upload here so it isn't coming until I get time at home (aka after Charlie and Greg are both asleep and the house is clean).
2.5) My internet at work is starting to bug me. My internet that I bring with me via network card isn't working, and the work internet is S-L-O-W so I can't upload ANYTHING. OR check my blog reader, which isn't working like it was anyway, so I am behind on all my blogs.

3) I joined goodreads a few weeks ago, as noted in the blog, and have struggled with adding friends (I add them, but then they don't show up on my friend list.) So sorry if you told me to add you and I failed.

4) My son is on a hunger strike. The kind where he won't allow me to feed him ANYTHING because he wants to feed HIMSELF! Except he lacks the small motor skills required to wield a spoon. We are good on fruits he can feed himself, and I can just steam veggies for him, right? That is healthy. But I am slightly lost on protein. Emily and my boss both suggested chicken nuggets, any other ideas?

5) Good job to our illustrious Enrichment leader who put together a fun craft last night. Now I want to copy her idea and print out the Proclamation to the World on cute and matchy paper. Maybe I can be a cute Mormon wife after all.....

6) My favorite sociopaths, the Duggers (of 18 Kids and Counting and this blog fame) are going to have their first grandchild! Oh, I just love them. As much as they concern me.


Tristen said...

Corban is getting to this point too-- he eats a lot of little cheese chunks. For protein you could try tofu blocks and tuna or just cubed chicken blocks from boneless skinless chicken breasts? I love it when they get to this point because then I just give them whatever we are eating for dinner... actually I live for this stage of food... but it's so disgustingly messy also, so it's got its down sides.

Sel said...

I'm with Tristen. I was about to suggest cubed grilled chicken cause nuggets are nasty--what part of the chicken is the "nugget"?

Other thoughts (since I am contemplating vegetarianism and have read up on it)
--Whole wheat bagels (mini-bagels)
--Almonds (maybe too small for him?)
--Soy Milk
--You could also try veggie burger chunks, but that sounds grosser than it actually is.


Sel said...

Oooh and veggie dogs too!

Stacy said...

you have favorite sociopaths? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! whenever i need protein, i just have myself 1-12 spoonfuls of peanut butter, MMMMMMM!