Monday, April 27, 2009


As I have previously blogged, I signed up for Goodreads, and have been playing with it a lot. One of the things I have discovered is something called "First Reads" which is just a long list of books that publishers are giving away for people to review before they are published. I basically signed up to win every single book on the list, and I haven't won any. I don't think it is a name in a hat drawing, but I am not sure how they pick who wins (the site says they take everything into consideration, including the phase of the moon). In any case, I WON a book today!!! Loon: A Marine Story. Perhaps not my regular fare of reading, but a free book is a free book. And I will read it and review it like a good girl, because I think the more you review, the more likely you are to win in the future.

YAY for free books!!!!

PS, If we still aren't friends on goodreads, add me!! I am still struggling with the friend-adding part of it.

PS2, If you aren't signed up for goodreads, you ought to.


Kirsten said...

I didn't even know that was a feature of GoodReads! I really need to log on there more often. And I want you to know that I needed a new book this weekend, and I took your recommendation of High Fidelity. I'll let you know what I think :)

Kiersten said...

This is weird, because I came on your blog to post that I didn't even know you could win free books on Goodreads, and then there was already a comment saying just that...written by someone named Ki(e)rsten. Creepy.