Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A few notes

1) My blog reader is working again, sort of. Thanks for Nate's help! But it made everything new again, so I had 940 unread feeds this morning (only about 15 of them were actually new). And about 1/3 of my feeds didn't work, so I will have to resubscribe. But YAY!

2) I don't like April Fool's Jokes (except for the one time right after we got married that I told my mom I was pregnant and it was really funny) and will not be playing any. My sister and I even entered into an April Fool's Day pact. "I solemnly swear to do no harm." However, Happy Birthday to Corey and Kendall, who are both great April Fool's Day gifts.

3) On facebook this morning "Barack Obama" added me as his cousin on a family relations application. Hmm.

4) This weekend we decided to rent a movie "on demand" (because we have a huge enormous fee at Hollywood we don't feel like paying...) and as we were scrolling through, I saw TONS of movies we wanted to rent. So, I subscribed to Netflix. And then couldn't find ANY movies we wanted to rent to put in our queue. Hmm. (I ended up finding everything we wanted to see by scrolling through on demand while on the website, but we are up for recommendations.)

5) Good luck to Kirsten. Here's hoping that LP won't play any April Fool's jokes.


Kiersten said...

I posted a comment on my blog about the comment you left. I'm glad you wrote that--I hope I didn't make you feel bad--I would love to be your tenant!

Kristin said...

Barack Obama added me as his cousin too! haha!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the shout out! Good news is no jokes today (I would have been really mad cause I hate April Fools too)!

Stacy Lawrence said...

how am i the only person who is not barack's cousin?