Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Check me out...

Some updates on Charlie:
He is 29 pounds (94th percentile), 32 inches tall (85th percentile), and his head is 49.5 cm (way off the charts). We are making the transition into size 2T/24 months. (Anyone have any hand me downs they are trying to get rid of?)Some things he is getting up to:
Conducting business over the phone.
Wearing a tie.
Walking. He still needs something else to get him into a standing position, he can't stand up in the middle of the room or anything, but he definitely walks all around the house. The plus side of not walking until 13 months? He is pretty coordinated, so he doesn't get too constantly injured. (Monday was a different story, with hitting his head on various surfaces to the point that I was nervous and had to check for concussion. While there is a large goose egg on the left side of his forehead, he did not go into a coma.)
Blowing kisses. He does it constantly; when he hears kissing sounds, when I say "can I have a kiss?", when we say "NO NO!" (in this situation it is to get out of trouble), or when he leaves a room. Or when people are looking at him and he thinks that he might get an "awwwwww", which he invariably does.
Signing. He doesn't do a ton of signs, and doesn't use them all the time to communicate, but he is doing them. More, food/eat (pictured below) and water are the mains. Although he does more slightly wrong - he doesn't bring the fingertips of both hands together, he brings the fingertips of one hand to the palm of his other hand. Apparently this is the sign for cookie. I think he knows what he is doing there. Food/eat is done by sticking his fingers/fist in his throat until he starts coughing. We will monitor for bulimia. And water is usually the fingers hitting his chin, but sometimes he will hit his chin, sometimes his nose, eyes, or my chin. (I am pretty sure they are all water, because he does it in response to my sign and when I say "do you want water?", but I guess it could just be him poking.)

Non pictured talents:

Digging around in his diaper as soon as I take it off to change it. We are working on this one.

Raising his hand when the rest of us do. It is really cute in church on Sunday when we sustain new callings. He gets into it.

On that note, mimicking whatever we do.

Words: mama, dada, bye bye, and dog are confirmed. Others are unclear.

Figured out that the TV has buttons that, when pushed, disturb the television situation. Revels in this fact. Enjoys all buttons.

Opening doors.

Going to sleep IMMEDIATELY upon being put down at night. No crying. Life is so good. (Still occasionally wakes up once in the night and I bring him to bed with me and then he sleeps the rest of the night, but he is pretty much sleeping through the night now. I knew I was a human under all the exhaustion.)

Drinking cow's milk (doesn't love it, but we are working on it) and eating "people food".

Getting on and off of our bed, the couch, etc., and going up and down stairs. I am terrified that he is going to figure out how to climb out of the crib any moment.


Kirsten said...

I love those pictures of him on the phone...looks like he is conducting very important business.

Stacy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bulimia!!!!! i think it is a form of hunger strike so as to say "if you don't feed me, i shall gag myself!!!"

Mendenhalls said...

Missed you today! I think Charlie actually wanted to come hang out on our pew today in sacrament, mean old Dad stopped him. :( He's such a cutie.
(btw, Abby weighed in a 29 lbs. at the doctor's office on Thursday. I thought Charlie's weight felt familiar!)