Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't sleep...

Time for a list!

1) Spencer went skydiving yesterday! Pictures to follow.

2) Conference was, as always, wonderful. Every six months is such great timing; I completely need the rejuvenation!

3) There was a penny in Charlie's diaper this morning. How can it be? I spend 98% of my time cleaning up all the little things on the floor he tries to eat, and the other 2% of my time taking the small things out of his mouth; how did I miss this?! In any case, thank heaven it passed without incident (and without serious medical bills; Greg once had a bankruptcy client whose child swallowed a quarter and it cost $170,000 in bills). Also, you can all thank heaven that I didn't take a photo of it and post it here.

4) I just signed up for Goodreads, which I am excited about, but now I have new places for my time to waste...

5) While on Goodreads, I discovered that NICK HORNBY IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW BOOK THIS YEAR! And, it comes out in September, just in time for my birthday, sweet husband!

6) Charlie is getting pretty serious about walking. He walked all over the place at Grandma H's.

7) Charlie had his one year doctor's visit on Friday. I loved his doctor (thanks for the recommendation!); he actually spent several minutes just TALKING to me about Charlie, parenthood, etc! His weight has slowed down - he is now only in the 94th percentile for weight at about 29 pounds. He is 84th percentile in height at 31 inches. And, the head size was off the chart. Haha, the large head runs in the family, thank Greg for that one (it is full of brains).

8) I promise to take some more pictures sometime soon and post them here.


Kiersten said...

Yay! Add me as a friend on Goodreads! I'm excited to see your list. Also, gross about the penny, but really funny.

Kirsten said...

Oh you have to add me as a friend on GoodReads...I can't believe you are just now joining!

Kim W said...

GoodReads is so fun. However, I'm not reading much, so it has become a reminder of just one more thing I'm not doing enough of. HA!

And, seriously, thank you for not posting the penny! Although it's totally funny, it's also totally ... ICK! :)

Shauna said...

We have had two penny swallowers in our family. Chase passed it just like Charlie, and Spencer...well we discovered it on an xray stuck in his throat 2 weeks after he swallowed it. I knew when it was, because he had choked on something, and I couldn't see it, and when I took him to the doctor they said he was probably fine. 2 weeks later when they wanted to do an xray to make sure he didn't have pnueumonia because he was wheezing they discovered it. But our bill sure wasn't as much as your friends. Still, it was an expensive penny.