Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Books

While it goes against my better judgement, here is the link to get free books on goodreads:

I almost didn't post that I won something because I don't want to spread the knowledge that there are free books and thereby compete with more people to get the books, but since I love my friends so very much, I guess I will share the knowledge so perhaps they might get something good too. AND IF YOU WIN ANYTHING GOOD, YOU ARE HEREBY REQUIRED TO LEND IT TO ME.


As I have previously blogged, I signed up for Goodreads, and have been playing with it a lot. One of the things I have discovered is something called "First Reads" which is just a long list of books that publishers are giving away for people to review before they are published. I basically signed up to win every single book on the list, and I haven't won any. I don't think it is a name in a hat drawing, but I am not sure how they pick who wins (the site says they take everything into consideration, including the phase of the moon). In any case, I WON a book today!!! Loon: A Marine Story. Perhaps not my regular fare of reading, but a free book is a free book. And I will read it and review it like a good girl, because I think the more you review, the more likely you are to win in the future.

YAY for free books!!!!

PS, If we still aren't friends on goodreads, add me!! I am still struggling with the friend-adding part of it.

PS2, If you aren't signed up for goodreads, you ought to.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Three smiles and a sigh


1) Grandma H's birthday!! Happy birthday, Grammie, we all love you so much!

2) My husband brought me these:

when he came home from LSAT class on Wednesday. =) And we went on a date last night! We saw "17 Again" (my choice, and I lied and told him we were seeing "Sunshine Cleaning" to get him there, but "Sunshine Cleaning" wasn't showing at our theatre and there wasn't anything else at the right time that I wanted to see. And, yes, we liked it. That High School Musical boy is something of a hottie. Who knew? And I cried during the "My Sister's Keeper" ad. Greg laughs at my ability to get emotional over a 2 minute snippet of a movie.)

3) I got a rockin new phone for free! I had to go to the Verizon store and it was taking FOREVER. When they finally finished fixing my issue (with my network card) they did the ol' "Is there anything else I can help you with?" and I said "Well, actually, the 7, 8, and 9 aren't working on my phone, nor is the send button." (It wasn't a huge issue because my phone opens so I can use the buttons on the inside, but it was slightly irritating. I didn't go in sooner because you know how they can never help unless you pay like 2 million dollars.) The guy I think felt bad that it took so long to fix their first mistake and that he didn't have any of my current phone in stock that he hooked me up with this one:for free and I didn't even have to renew my contract. It is the "Voyager" and is pretty much a knock off of the iphone, but is totally rad.

And sigh:
I thought I was such a good mother taking Charlie to the park on Thursday, but he ended up getting burned! I feel terrible and when I walk in a room everyone gasps and asks "what HAPPENED?!" Just good old mother of the year at work! The burn made him look like a raccoon, so I had to take a picture. Just the cheeks and forehead got taken (luckily he was wearing a turtleneck and pants, so neck, arms, and legs were safe).
Since I also got burned and mine wasn't hurting really, I assumed he was fine and just looked bad. But then on Friday, we woke up and he had blisters on his cheek and nose. I feel so horrible. But I thought I would share it with the world anyway.
Speaking of Charlie, he has developed this serious attitude lately, and just screams indignantly anytime I do anything that isn't to his liking (dressing him, wiping his nose, changing his diaper, giving him dinner). He also pulls me into the alligator death roll (did anyone else see that special on Animal Planet? No?) every time I get his diaper off.

Now he is eating cardboard. Better get back to it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Check me out...

Some updates on Charlie:
He is 29 pounds (94th percentile), 32 inches tall (85th percentile), and his head is 49.5 cm (way off the charts). We are making the transition into size 2T/24 months. (Anyone have any hand me downs they are trying to get rid of?)Some things he is getting up to:
Conducting business over the phone.
Wearing a tie.
Walking. He still needs something else to get him into a standing position, he can't stand up in the middle of the room or anything, but he definitely walks all around the house. The plus side of not walking until 13 months? He is pretty coordinated, so he doesn't get too constantly injured. (Monday was a different story, with hitting his head on various surfaces to the point that I was nervous and had to check for concussion. While there is a large goose egg on the left side of his forehead, he did not go into a coma.)
Blowing kisses. He does it constantly; when he hears kissing sounds, when I say "can I have a kiss?", when we say "NO NO!" (in this situation it is to get out of trouble), or when he leaves a room. Or when people are looking at him and he thinks that he might get an "awwwwww", which he invariably does.
Signing. He doesn't do a ton of signs, and doesn't use them all the time to communicate, but he is doing them. More, food/eat (pictured below) and water are the mains. Although he does more slightly wrong - he doesn't bring the fingertips of both hands together, he brings the fingertips of one hand to the palm of his other hand. Apparently this is the sign for cookie. I think he knows what he is doing there. Food/eat is done by sticking his fingers/fist in his throat until he starts coughing. We will monitor for bulimia. And water is usually the fingers hitting his chin, but sometimes he will hit his chin, sometimes his nose, eyes, or my chin. (I am pretty sure they are all water, because he does it in response to my sign and when I say "do you want water?", but I guess it could just be him poking.)

Non pictured talents:

Digging around in his diaper as soon as I take it off to change it. We are working on this one.

Raising his hand when the rest of us do. It is really cute in church on Sunday when we sustain new callings. He gets into it.

On that note, mimicking whatever we do.

Words: mama, dada, bye bye, and dog are confirmed. Others are unclear.

Figured out that the TV has buttons that, when pushed, disturb the television situation. Revels in this fact. Enjoys all buttons.

Opening doors.

Going to sleep IMMEDIATELY upon being put down at night. No crying. Life is so good. (Still occasionally wakes up once in the night and I bring him to bed with me and then he sleeps the rest of the night, but he is pretty much sleeping through the night now. I knew I was a human under all the exhaustion.)

Drinking cow's milk (doesn't love it, but we are working on it) and eating "people food".

Getting on and off of our bed, the couch, etc., and going up and down stairs. I am terrified that he is going to figure out how to climb out of the crib any moment.

Items of Business:

1) Happy tax day. For all my love of taxes, we owe California over $500 this year, so I am sorta getting why everyone else (except for those special few that share the tax love) hates them so much. The reason I put them off until today (I did them a while ago, but not as promptly as I usually do, but I am mailing them today) besides the fact that I didn't want to kiss my money goodbye, was because the statement of interest on our second mortgage was somewhere in one of my piles. I took a picture of it, but it won't upload, so I guess I will save the embarrassment of the world seeing my piles. I am a stacker. I love to go through things and pile them into categories. But eventually the stacks get out of hand, and then who wants to find anything in them? Anyway, I finally dug through it all and got them taken care off, and I am reluctantly sending off my payment for taxes. I guess I am a real grown up now that I have paid my first taxes (other than payroll. And real estate. You know what I mean.)

2) Look for the upcoming "Look what I can do!" post about Charlie. The pictures won't upload here so it isn't coming until I get time at home (aka after Charlie and Greg are both asleep and the house is clean).
2.5) My internet at work is starting to bug me. My internet that I bring with me via network card isn't working, and the work internet is S-L-O-W so I can't upload ANYTHING. OR check my blog reader, which isn't working like it was anyway, so I am behind on all my blogs.

3) I joined goodreads a few weeks ago, as noted in the blog, and have struggled with adding friends (I add them, but then they don't show up on my friend list.) So sorry if you told me to add you and I failed.

4) My son is on a hunger strike. The kind where he won't allow me to feed him ANYTHING because he wants to feed HIMSELF! Except he lacks the small motor skills required to wield a spoon. We are good on fruits he can feed himself, and I can just steam veggies for him, right? That is healthy. But I am slightly lost on protein. Emily and my boss both suggested chicken nuggets, any other ideas?

5) Good job to our illustrious Enrichment leader who put together a fun craft last night. Now I want to copy her idea and print out the Proclamation to the World on cute and matchy paper. Maybe I can be a cute Mormon wife after all.....

6) My favorite sociopaths, the Duggers (of 18 Kids and Counting and this blog fame) are going to have their first grandchild! Oh, I just love them. As much as they concern me.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Every Easter since I can remember we do a pinata at Grandma M's house. A few requirements for the pinata: we have to use the rockin' sheet from the 70's you see in the pictures below to help catch the candy, and the pinata has to be an inanimate object, because Grandma can't handle bunnies, puppies, or Sponge Bob Square Pants's to be beat up before her very eyes. It is a great tradition, and one I was happy to have Charlie engage in this year!!
He went in for the candy...
...came out with one piece, and was satisfied. None of the scrambling around for more business.

Hunting for eggs.


Greg wanted to do an Easter basket for Charlie this year, so he ran to Rite Aid to confer with the Easter Bunny at about 10pm on Saturday night.... He was pretty happy when he saw the eggs...
...and then he found out that the eggs OPENED, and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him!
Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday

I think I took about 80 pictures yesterday of all of the fun that we had for Easter, but I cannot get the dang things uploaded, so I am giving up and just posting these three for now. Later posts will include egg hunting, his basket, and the pinata, so stay tuned.

Greg woke up sick on Easter morning, so it was just Charlie and I off to church. He is embarrassed that I am kissing him in public.Or maybe he just likes to stick his tongue out.Blowing daddy kisses before we left.

I hope everyone had as wonderful an Easter as we did! (And Greg is feeling much better).

Monday, April 6, 2009

As promised, pictures of my darling, filthy child.

He loves his bananas. Anything he can eat himself. There is no spoon feeding this one anymore.
And Spencer skydiving. Before hand: Doesn't this look kinda like an album cover?

Another sibling skydiving. Still no better explanation than "like flying."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't sleep...

Time for a list!

1) Spencer went skydiving yesterday! Pictures to follow.

2) Conference was, as always, wonderful. Every six months is such great timing; I completely need the rejuvenation!

3) There was a penny in Charlie's diaper this morning. How can it be? I spend 98% of my time cleaning up all the little things on the floor he tries to eat, and the other 2% of my time taking the small things out of his mouth; how did I miss this?! In any case, thank heaven it passed without incident (and without serious medical bills; Greg once had a bankruptcy client whose child swallowed a quarter and it cost $170,000 in bills). Also, you can all thank heaven that I didn't take a photo of it and post it here.

4) I just signed up for Goodreads, which I am excited about, but now I have new places for my time to waste...

5) While on Goodreads, I discovered that NICK HORNBY IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW BOOK THIS YEAR! And, it comes out in September, just in time for my birthday, sweet husband!

6) Charlie is getting pretty serious about walking. He walked all over the place at Grandma H's.

7) Charlie had his one year doctor's visit on Friday. I loved his doctor (thanks for the recommendation!); he actually spent several minutes just TALKING to me about Charlie, parenthood, etc! His weight has slowed down - he is now only in the 94th percentile for weight at about 29 pounds. He is 84th percentile in height at 31 inches. And, the head size was off the chart. Haha, the large head runs in the family, thank Greg for that one (it is full of brains).

8) I promise to take some more pictures sometime soon and post them here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A few notes

1) My blog reader is working again, sort of. Thanks for Nate's help! But it made everything new again, so I had 940 unread feeds this morning (only about 15 of them were actually new). And about 1/3 of my feeds didn't work, so I will have to resubscribe. But YAY!

2) I don't like April Fool's Jokes (except for the one time right after we got married that I told my mom I was pregnant and it was really funny) and will not be playing any. My sister and I even entered into an April Fool's Day pact. "I solemnly swear to do no harm." However, Happy Birthday to Corey and Kendall, who are both great April Fool's Day gifts.

3) On facebook this morning "Barack Obama" added me as his cousin on a family relations application. Hmm.

4) This weekend we decided to rent a movie "on demand" (because we have a huge enormous fee at Hollywood we don't feel like paying...) and as we were scrolling through, I saw TONS of movies we wanted to rent. So, I subscribed to Netflix. And then couldn't find ANY movies we wanted to rent to put in our queue. Hmm. (I ended up finding everything we wanted to see by scrolling through on demand while on the website, but we are up for recommendations.)

5) Good luck to Kirsten. Here's hoping that LP won't play any April Fool's jokes.