Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stacy!

My very favorite and very darling sister turns 21 today. So, in honor of her and my love of lists, here is her list of 21 wonderful things I love about her:
1) We make up emoticons together.
2) She keeps me posted on good Beyonce songs.
3) A few weeks ago she came to spend the weekend with me because Greg was out of town. We all took naps and then when Charlie woke up, she woke up and took care of him and let me continue to nap for another hour!!!
4) The way we like to quote movies together.
5) She lets me waste time at work by g-talking with her.
6) She always remembers our "half birthdays" since we are exactly six months and one day apart (my half birthday is the day before her real one and her half birthday is the day after my real one).
7) Our joint love of Chickfila lemonade. (Chickfila equation: ooo + ### + \~/)
8) She and Charlie love each other.
9) Her extreme aversion to laundry. I have never seen anything quite like it.
10) She reads my blog and I think you would be hard pressed to find a single entry of these 218 posts she hasn't commented on, usually within the first hour of its posting. Betcha she will comment on this one too.
11) She rejoined facebook so we could be friends.
12) She has a good memory and she reminds me of funny moments I have forgotten.
13) She made approximately 27,490,813 "it's a boy" suckers out of the See's candy suckers and passed them out to everyone she knew, announcing the birth of little Charlie last year.
14) She has a great phone voice.
15) She is so funny. Sometimes, while in boring meetings, I think of funny things she has said and it takes a lot of lip biting to keep from laughing out loud.
16) She keeps me posted on Greg's work schedule.
17) How we like to "ess-pee-ee-el-el" words to each other.
18) She let me do her taxes this year.
19) Our "twin" language (as Greg calls it).
20) Subsection to our language, our IM lexicon. We are working on getting it written down for those who desire to communicate with us in this higher form of conversation.
21) She is a loving, loved, beautiful, successful, sweet, darling girl.

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Stacy Lawrence said...

hahahahaha, thanks for the shout out! but i forgot your half birthday this year!!!! how could i?!?!?! happy half birthday! i hope by 'great phone voice' people don't think phone ess ee ex.... hahahahaha. you're my favity!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!