Monday, March 9, 2009


Did anyone else see THIS article last week? I laughed and thought "thank goodness it isn't me" only to have the following experience:

I come home from work on Friday afternoon to find Spencer on hold with his new bank, Bank of America. He joined them a month or so ago when he got a coupon to open a new account and get credited $50.

Apparently he tried to buy a bag of chips at work and his debit card got declined. So, he checked online when he got home, and his account was overdrawn $888,888. Which is eight HUNDRED eighty-eight THOUSAND DOLLARS. But, with all the eights, it looked like a computer glitch, so he called in. While on hold, he checked his other account with them (they have you open two checkings and a savings, I don't know what the story is) and it was overdrawn ONE POINT SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS.

Naturally, he called to get it all squared away, assuming they would gasp (as we did) and fix it up. Instead, he got connected to some surly youth (Ladamien was his name) who told Spencer they were going to close his account and basically terminate his relationship with the bank. They wouldn't tell him why, or whether he had been a victim of identity theft or anything! Poor Spencer would have been fine with that if I didn't march him down to the local branch and sit down at the Assistant Vice President's desk (without being asked) and demand assistance. He said he couldn't do anything. I pointed out to him that, even if he were completely helpless, at least his title should throw a little weight around. Spencer was horrified that I was being rude (which I wasn't, forceful is different than rude. I was just sick of people blowing Spencer off just because he is young) and Charlie was screaming and eating pens the whole time, but we got Spencer a 3:00 meeting today.

Can you imagine?

PS, He wouldn't let me make a whole post about this next piece of info, but since I am already posting, I will just inform all of you that he got promoted to a lead this week and now has keys and importance at Jamba. So check him out in his new green hat!


Stacy Lawrence said...

oh. my. gosh. i told sweetie this and she said "if rachel has to go down there getting things done rachel-style, they're gonna regret that." remember to read that in a southern-woman's accent.

Kim W said...

So wait, does that mean that with Spencer's new title, he can throw his weight around and if I have a problem at Jamba Juice he'll be able to help me, right?!

You are a good big sister!

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

That is HORRIBLE! Austin and I have had so many problems with Bank of America within the past few months with buying our house and all... I don't think they are a bank worth staying with!!!

Maren said...

I can't believe they were just blowing him off like that. Good for you for making them do something. . . I hope it gets resolved!

Tristen said...

That IS so annoying. Those banks can be so frustrating, WAMU did something like this to us a few days after Corban was born and they just closed our accounts, no questions asked. They froze all of the money and come hell or high water they weren't going to let us come back. It was so frustrating, not to mention scary since I had just had a baby and our money was all frozen in an account. Luckily a huge part of my nesting instinct one week before was to take a few thousand dollars in small bills out of my accounts to keep in a safe for emergency preparedness... a little miracle! We had to open another account at BOA and luckily we could pay our bills and our rent and everything. Really, it was a miracle. But still, those banks can be crazy sometimes.

Kirsten said...

Way to take charge and get things done. I love when people try to tell you there is nothing they can do...when you know there is, even if its just putting you in contact with the right person. SO annoying. Hope it all gets figured out!