Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time Lapse Photography

July 2008 February 2009

Two of many pictures over the last year or so. But apparently I am going to be better soon. Nine is the new ten, according to my sister. As far as toenails go, that is.

When I told my mom they removed my big toenail, she said "what if Greg dies and you need to get a new husband and no one will marry you with only nine toenails?"

(It will grow back in 9-12 months.)


Kim W said...

That is one HUGE toe! Are you sporting that look for church on Sunday? How do you even wear shoes??? I'm sorry it's still bugging you so much!

Kirsten said...

You're mom is funny. Is that why you were mad at her? You should be glad you have her around to think of the these things for you.

Ashcraft Family said...

Haha, no I wasn't mad at her for that. Thank goodness she thinks of these things.

Melanie said...

All I can say is "ouch"! Aaron had surgery on his toenail and it was a long recovery.