Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A list

Recently the Facebook phenomenon of "25 Things" has been going around. I finally got around to writing this thing after several people tagged me, and it took me a while, and nothing else is new, so I am posting this as a blog! I love lists, so it was fun to write. Enjoy!

1) I was tagged at least four times before I finally got around to actually filling this out. I like to write, but I guess I just haven't felt that creative.

2) My husband was my first date. He was not, however my first kiss.

3) I generally have facebook open all day while I am at work and I will mess around on it a couple of times during the day, but I like to only comment or do anything where it leaves a status trail like once a day so that no one knows what a boring person I am, messing about on facebook.

4) My mother was a recycle fanatic, and I have turned into one myself. My sister is too.

5) I am actually turning more and more into my mother all the time.

6) My baby's due date was Feb 29th, and I am still pretty disappointed that he wasn't born then so he would have such a cool birthday.

7) On that same note, I was sure I was going to be overdue with him. So sure that I went to work the morning I was in labor (stayed until I was in so much pain I was just laying down in my office; Greg came and picked me up) and I hadn't even packed my bags or even toured the hospital.

8) I type really fast, like 75 words a minute or so. I got a D in typing class in high school though, and my teacher called my parents and told them to get me a program. I typed like 13 words per minute at the time. I didn't get better with the program; the thing that made me a good typist was AIM.

9) My sister and I use alternative spellings for things. Some of our favorites include dew, du, due for do and yew and ewe for you. We are also adept in the language of emoticons. One of our new creations is the bandaid: (IO). We are thinking about writing a lexicon for our instant messaging language.

10) I have a BA in English and reading/writing are definitely my subjects, but I secretly like math. I like how there is always a correct answer.

11) I love doing paperwork. The more the better. You know when you have an appointment and they ask you to come in 15 minutes early to do paperwork? I get it done in 2. Then I am sad I finished it so quickly. It is against the rules of our marriage for Greg to fill out paperwork if he is allowed to bring it home to me. (I know. I am a freak).

12) My like of math combined with my love of paperwork equals a love love love of doing taxes. I am doing my dad's this year and I am pleased. Someday I might get a CPA.

13) I love gossip. It is sort of an illness. But my job is great because I get to hear ALL the gossip from the whole hotel. Then I get to decide who is telling the truth. Then I get to put people in trouble. It caters to my complex AND I get paid for it.

14) I can pop my shoulder entirely out of place, and I do it often without thinking how gross people think it is when they see it.

15) I never can put a book down in the middle of it, even if I hate it. Half the time, even if I hate the author, I will read another one of their books, just to give them a second chance. There is this one author who has written quite a few books and I have read almost all of them, because I feel like I might like one of them.

16) On that note, I have a serious book-buying illness. Libraries? I don't think so. I get all my books from the store. And, I am freaky about keeping them pristine. I don't open them all the way, so as to not break the binding. Greg is not allowed to touch my books, as he breaks the binding immediately and ON PURPOSE! Some of my books look like I have never read them because they look brand new. (But I have. Most of them.)

17) I have never gotten a moving violation (I just got my first ticket recently, but it was for registration).

18) I am addicted to I keep it open while we watch a movie and spout out trivia as the appropriate part comes on the movie. When I finally close it, I am usually pretty lost as far as the plot goes.

19) I hate trying new things. Like HATE. I would like cooking, but I just like cooking the same ten things, which is unpleasant for the people who eat at my house. Therefore, I make new things, and so I dislike cooking. At restaurants, I only like going places I have been before, and even then, I rarely order anything but what I always have. If I order anything different, I am pretty much guarenteed to dislike it.

20) I like to get in political arguments with my husband (we have different views). He used to make me cry by disagreeing with me when I was pregnant. (Hormones).

21) I talk to my mother everyday. I refuse to live in the same city, however. Or much closer than an hour away.

22) I might be the only person in the US who dispises pizza.

23) I love reading blogs. I use a reader so I don't have to click on all the blogs every day, it just shows me when people update. But I follow so many that I always have a few to read.

24) I love TV. We didn't have TV growing up, and everyone always says on these things "oh, I don't watch much TV" and I wish I were like them. But I am not. Greg and I have had TV since we got married, and we both love to watch it.

25) I am a pretty sensitive person, as far as feelings go. I don't even really like Saturday Night Live because the premise is making fun of people. As much of an idiot as I think many of those politicians are, I can't stand people making fun of them like that.