Monday, February 23, 2009

The Birthday Party

On Saturday was little Charlie's first birthday party!! I have broken the photographic record of the party up into six posts because we took like a hundred and ninety seven pictures and I couldn't even muster the courage to try and condense into one post without making it ridiculously long.

However, now that the pictures are spread into several posts, you will have to go all the way down and perhaps even on to the next page to see all the pictures, so I left out almost all commentary to make the journey quicker and perhaps more enjoyable.

Thanks to all our wonderful family who came and partied with us. We are so blessed to have our little Charlie and we are so blessed to have all of you! Special thanks to Pat and Sara who helped this first time mom plan her first birthday party by picking up all the things I forgot to get. =)

Love you all!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! and congrats to you for not only planning your first baby party but also surviving your 1st year of being a mom! The pics are adorable.