Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I love taking pictures of Charlie in the bath. I think that is because he is trapped in a small space and he can't get away....

Anyway, here are some recents. He eats the bubbles lately, which gives him a little beard.
A sad truth I am discovering about being mother to a little boy - constant bruises and scratches. There is a little bruise on his cheek and the scratch on his face too.
Couldn't resist this picture. Greg thinks he looks like Megaman. What do you think?


Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

Love it! We have the same orange cup by the way :)

Stacy Lawrence said...

remember the song from seasame street about the elephant "splish splash i was takin' a bath; all on a saturday nii-IGHT!"? i wonder why elephants insist on bathing only on saturdays.... hm.

presh pictures!