Monday, February 23, 2009

The Birthday Party

On Saturday was little Charlie's first birthday party!! I have broken the photographic record of the party up into six posts because we took like a hundred and ninety seven pictures and I couldn't even muster the courage to try and condense into one post without making it ridiculously long.

However, now that the pictures are spread into several posts, you will have to go all the way down and perhaps even on to the next page to see all the pictures, so I left out almost all commentary to make the journey quicker and perhaps more enjoyable.

Thanks to all our wonderful family who came and partied with us. We are so blessed to have our little Charlie and we are so blessed to have all of you! Special thanks to Pat and Sara who helped this first time mom plan her first birthday party by picking up all the things I forgot to get. =)

Love you all!

Act 1 - Guests

I think we got everyone in. I like Uncle JD peeking around.

Act 2 - Cake

Act 3 - Train Ride

Act 4 - Play, play, play

Act 5 - Presents

I promised minimal commentary, but I had to comment on how generous and sweet everyone was. Thank you all!

Finale - Goodbye

One year ago right now...

...Our little boy came into the world.
I can't believe it. He is growing into such a little man.I love you, little monkey do!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Really getting into it - has to stand up to play.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kissy Face

New camera!!!!

I think I am in love. And not just with the camera. =)

Time Lapse Photography

July 2008 February 2009

Two of many pictures over the last year or so. But apparently I am going to be better soon. Nine is the new ten, according to my sister. As far as toenails go, that is.

When I told my mom they removed my big toenail, she said "what if Greg dies and you need to get a new husband and no one will marry you with only nine toenails?"

(It will grow back in 9-12 months.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Now MY new toy

I know, two new toys in a week makes us look extravagant, but Greg's was actually his college graduation present (his mom said he could have it when he got around to picking it out, and he just did) so we didn't have to pay for it, and this thing was THIRTY PERCENT OFF at the Circuit City closeout sale. I was going to wait, but I was there on Thursday and there were six of them, and then I went back on Saturday, and there were only two, so I had to snap it up. What are tax refunds for?
We are taking thousands of pictures. Cool person photo-club, here we come.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ode to Greg's New Toy

Jealous. But he says he will share with me. All I care about is the ichat. See you all online sometime soon......


Who can help me center the picture on the top of my blog? I thought I was getting pretty good at it, but I canNOT figure that out. Help please!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I love taking pictures of Charlie in the bath. I think that is because he is trapped in a small space and he can't get away....

Anyway, here are some recents. He eats the bubbles lately, which gives him a little beard.
A sad truth I am discovering about being mother to a little boy - constant bruises and scratches. There is a little bruise on his cheek and the scratch on his face too.
Couldn't resist this picture. Greg thinks he looks like Megaman. What do you think?