Friday, January 23, 2009

Eleven Things

As an eleven month old, Charlie can....

1) Say "Mama" and "Dada" when prompted. Look for Mama or Dada while saying it.
2) DANCE. Whether it is music on the radio, hymns at church, or the ring tone on mommy's phone, Charlie is feeling the beat. If I don't answer any calls anymore, it is because I am watching my adorable boy dance to the ring tone, sorry.
3) Wear 18 and 24 month clothes. Wear size five diapers. We are going to have to start using Depends before he is old enough to potty train.
4) Play, play, play! He loves the bulldozer game (mommy or daddy get on all fours and he crawls over and puts his forehead to ours and tries to knock us over. Precious.) and fetch, which includes throwing the ball and Mommy going to get it 50% of the time, Tobi (cat) going and getting it 25% of the time, and going and getting it himself 25% of the time. He also gets the concept of Peek-A-Boo now, so he hides himself behind the door, blanket, stuffed animal and then pops out and laughs. Also pulls on whatever is hiding his playmate to reveal their face. Pulls Mommy's hair (not very softly, but whatever) if she lays face down on the floor. Thinks it is a game of Peek-A-Boo, instead of what it usually is (an impromtu nap).
5) Whimper like a puppy dog if he sees us eating something he wants. Know intuitively whether what we are eating contains sugar or is otherwise bad for him/extremely tasty.
6) Climbing up stairs.
7) Have four teeth.
8) Show absolutely no interest in walking.
9) Babble non stop, particularly when mommy is on the phone, and singing along when there is music or we are singing. Still humming himself to sleep.
10) Hold his own bottle. (FINALLY).
11) Play "pick a hand" where we put a Cheerio or small toy in one of our hands and hold them out to him to pick where it is. When he plays with Spencer, Spen puts it in his hand behind his back, so he only gets it right about half the time, but he knows to find it in the other hand if his first pick is empty. I put it in my hand right in front of him, so he always gets it right with me. I might be boring, but I like to see him succeed. Haha.

And, for good measure,
12) Make mommy cry when she thinks of how grown up he is getting!


Stacy Lawrence said...

i still havne't gotten in on the bulldozer game... it sounds exciting though. you forgot to mention the burping that auntie stacy keeps him practicing.

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

I love that he dances! :)