Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1) Charlie has learned how to whimper when I have something (usually food) that he wants.

2) He has decided that water (particularly bathwater) is poisonous.

3) He knows the difference between the (expensive) puff snacks and the (cheap) Cheerios. Guess which one he loves most?

4) His current life dream is to touch the space heater. All my time is spent thwarting his plans. It buzzes when it moves, so I tried making it buzz when he got close to scare him, but it only intrigued him all the more.

5) He KNOWS how to hold the bottle, he just WON'T. And telling him "Cousin CORBAN can hold his bottle" does not help.

Ah, motherhood.


Mendenhalls said...

what a charmed life!
I love that kid!

Ashcraft Family said...

I know, it is such a good thing it is worth it. =)

Jason and Tauna said...

Your family is so adorable i love it! how are you doing Rach?

Seth and Lacey said...

haha! Oh that is so cute! It seems like he's just trying to make your life interesting!

Chelsea & Scott said...

that is hilarious and adorable at the same time!