Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Charlie came to see me at work today at the annual Santa party they do for employees and their kids. Thanks, Grandma Henry for bringing him!!
Not entirely sure what he thinks. Getting into it, but not smiling for mommy. I had to practically arm wrestle him away from Santa because he was being so sweet, Santa wanted to keep him! There was a long line, so I felt bad, but Santa let Charlie hang out a while.
Checking out the dump truck Santa gave him.
Mommy gave me celery....

Grandma gave me cookies. Those are better.


Marianne said...

Looks like Charlie had a great time. So glad he wasn't crying. Most babies cry when they get to see Santa for the fist time! Did he get a candy cane? He was hilarious in YW! He wanted your candy cane sooo bad! We got your X mas card today! I loved it.

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

He did so well! He wasn't balling or anything in the pictures! And I love the picture at the end of him! (and I still love your hair cut!! So cute!)