Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Okay, so I have an excuse. I haven't posted more than a couple sentences in a couple of weeks, but I really have an excuse. Or a few.

1) December is the "slow" time of year for hotels, so we figure, "lets catch up administratively!" Therefore, I have been working five days a week (I know, poor me, but it is a lot when I am used to being home with my little man so much!) and generally leaving the house around 6:00am (and I am NOT the early to bed/early to rise type at all, so it has been wrecking havoc on me) and coming home close to 6:00pm. So far I have taught at seven "Preventing Workplace Harassment" seminars (two to go) and two "Evaluating and Mentoring Employees" (one to go). And that doesn't count open enrollment for the insurance, new eligibility for the 401(k), the ever present leave of absence paperwork, hardship withdrawals, employee discipline, layoffs galore, and even some interviewing for the one measly position we have available. Plus today we got two huge, enormous discipline cases that are gong to take a ton of interviewing before we can decide what to do with the people.

2) Teething. It's making me crazy, but I am remembering that it will be over (for now) soon. Here is what greeted me after a nap on Monday:
Lovely. (It's blood. He didn't bleed last time, but the only place it could have been coming from was his mouth, so I assume it was teething-related. Clearly it didn't bother him. He got frozen string cheese out of the deal.)3) Crawling. And opening drawers. They go hand in hand in tiring me out. (Side note, while the pinkie fingernail still looks terrible, it has yet to fall off, so I am hoping it will lose the yellow tinge eventually).

4) Christmas!! While it is great, it counts as an excuse.
5) Charlie's new found addiction to mom. This may be because I abandon him so much now. Poor little man. (This picture doubles as one showing off my new haircut, which I am 99% happy with, but ignore how fat my face looks. And how lopsided I look. You have to compensate for the heavy weight when you are holding him.) 7) Craigslist. We put our Provo house on Craigslist and had ninety seven responses in less than twenty four hours. I spend all my time responding to these emails. (If anyone has property to rent, clearly Craigslist is the place).
Okay, so there are all the reasons I can't post. Now you know.


Melanie said...

I'm glad you posted despite all the great excuses! I love the pic of Charlie smiling even with blood on his face.

The Campbells... said...

Those sound like great excuses to me! :) Glad to see some new pictures on here...cute hair. I like it 100%. :) Hope you're able to find some more down time to keep us bloggers updated!

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

I give you a 4.75 out of 5 on the excuses but if I get your Christmas card soon I will give you a 6 after all that you have been doing!

By the way I LOVE the hair cut!