Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First bloody nose

I guess it had to come sometime. But it was super sad.

(He catapulted himself headfirst out of the bathtub. And YES, I was there watching him. People keep saying "Geeze, what kind of mother..." but there was really nothing I could have done. And I checked his pupils for dilation and stuff so he is fine.)


Amanda said...

You're so much more chill than I am. I probably would have cried. This is why you have a baby and I have a dog :)

Ashcraft Family said...

Oh I cried. I definitely cried.

Kim W said...

How sad! Poor little guy. Was it all inner nose stuff, or will there be any scratches to show?

Stacy Lawrence said...

i was there when avery got her first bloody nose.


i'm a terrible aunt.