Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, Part 4

Christmas part four was Friday morning with Greg's dad and step mom, Chris and Regina, and five of the nieces and nephews. It started off with delicious eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Thanks, Kaylin!! Charlie got plenty of love from all his admirers here.

Charlie and his oldest cousin, Kaylin.Charlie and Courtney. Kelsey hard at work in the background. Charlie later showed his deep love for cousin Courtney by knocking one of her teeth out. All I saw was Courtney running into the room I was in with blood everwhere. Thanks a lot, Charles. However, I was later assured that Courtney had been trying to get that loose tooth out for weeks and there was actually a dentist appointment set up to get it removed. So I guess it isn't as bad. But still, yikes. Our child is a little battering ram!
Uncle Greg and Courtney.
Kaylin and Charlie again. We have some of the most beautiful nieces in the land, as you can see.

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