Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Part 1

Christmas was so great this year. It was our first year of Christmas with a little monkey, and that made the holiday SO much fun. He was excited about everything, but the boxes, wrapping paper, and bows were definitely the highlight for him. Also, all the candy that everyone kept slipping him (I SAW THAT). We are so grateful for our many, many blessings and for the reason for the celebration - our Lord being born over 2000 years ago. We hope everyone else feels all the love we have for them as well.
We have so much wonderful family nearby, the Christmas took place in five parts over two days. I will do parts 1, 4, and 5 for now. If I ever can get pictures of parts 2 and 3, I shall post those pictures at that time. Part one was Christmas morning (in true Lawrence style, we did Christmas at about 10:30am. Poor Greg grew up doing Christmas at five in the morning or whatever time he might have woken up. It was a capital offence to wake anyone up on Christmas morning in my house (including the parents) so we did Christmas whenever everyone got around to waking up. It was usually midmorning by then. Anyway, Christmas morning with Charlie, Spencer, Greg, Rachel, and Pat, Greg's mom.
Charlie getting ready to party...A book of fairy tales from Uncle Spencer.A skateboard from Santa Claus. I know that he seems young for a skateboard, but Santa knew how he likes to play with Uncle Spencer's skateboard, particularly the wheels (sometimes he licks the wheel while spinning it) and how gross it is, so Santa got him his own little skateboard that he can lick to his heart's content.
Mommy got the BEST GIFT EVER - a PIANO!!!! =) It is a beautiful full-length electric piano. I am so excited to get back to playing!
Charlie is also very excited about the piano. It goes well with the musical instruments he got from Aunty Selina. We will be starting a band.

The little cart thingy he got from mommy and daddy.

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Stacy Lawrence said...

love the carty-thingy and the fact that no one really knows what it is. tell more about the instruments...