Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today Greg woke up with the nasty cold I have had. I woke up with his flu from last week. Spencer came home from work after throwing up four times (they only BARELY sent him home too). Charlie's flu is back with the bonus of a double ear infection.

Pray for us.

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today, we started on eternity.
Best choice I ever made. I love you Greg.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Greg won...

So I got Charlie dressed for church yesterday......and in his little checkered shirt with his hair getting so long, he looked like a little scarecrow. You can't quite see it in this picture, but the hair was getting seriously long. It was even in his eyes when I didn't comb it to the side.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Beat the Broncs.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, Part 5

Part Five took place at Craig and Blythe's house, with all of of the family on Greg's dad's side. Thanks to Craig and Blythe for letting us use their beautiful house. We definitely need to all get together more often. It was lightly controlled meyham, and it was really fun.

Greg's Aunt Bobby with Kendyll.Clayton and Christian. Three generations of Ashcrafts. Charlie had had it by now and was ready for bed, but we needed the picture. Cousin Katie. See what I mean about my nieces? More nieces. Emily and Sarah.
Greg with his dad and step-mom, Chris and Regina. Adam.
Charlie made great friends with Kendyll. They are both crawlers, so they couldn't get away from each other as fast as other kids can from their grabbing hands.
Greg with four of his five siblings. Clayton, Paige, Bryce, and Craig. Nanci had to work. =( Greg and Clayton were on some kind of roller coaster?
Getting ready for the cousins picture. It was a difficult feat getting them all on the stairs together. It took like thirty minutes.
"If you can hear me, put your hands on your head." I guess only Katie, Courtney, and Jayden could hear Jen.All of the cousins together. There are a total of 17, Charlie being the youngest.

Christmas, Part 4

Christmas part four was Friday morning with Greg's dad and step mom, Chris and Regina, and five of the nieces and nephews. It started off with delicious eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Thanks, Kaylin!! Charlie got plenty of love from all his admirers here.

Charlie and his oldest cousin, Kaylin.Charlie and Courtney. Kelsey hard at work in the background. Charlie later showed his deep love for cousin Courtney by knocking one of her teeth out. All I saw was Courtney running into the room I was in with blood everwhere. Thanks a lot, Charles. However, I was later assured that Courtney had been trying to get that loose tooth out for weeks and there was actually a dentist appointment set up to get it removed. So I guess it isn't as bad. But still, yikes. Our child is a little battering ram!
Uncle Greg and Courtney.
Kaylin and Charlie again. We have some of the most beautiful nieces in the land, as you can see.

Christmas Part 1

Christmas was so great this year. It was our first year of Christmas with a little monkey, and that made the holiday SO much fun. He was excited about everything, but the boxes, wrapping paper, and bows were definitely the highlight for him. Also, all the candy that everyone kept slipping him (I SAW THAT). We are so grateful for our many, many blessings and for the reason for the celebration - our Lord being born over 2000 years ago. We hope everyone else feels all the love we have for them as well.
We have so much wonderful family nearby, the Christmas took place in five parts over two days. I will do parts 1, 4, and 5 for now. If I ever can get pictures of parts 2 and 3, I shall post those pictures at that time. Part one was Christmas morning (in true Lawrence style, we did Christmas at about 10:30am. Poor Greg grew up doing Christmas at five in the morning or whatever time he might have woken up. It was a capital offence to wake anyone up on Christmas morning in my house (including the parents) so we did Christmas whenever everyone got around to waking up. It was usually midmorning by then. Anyway, Christmas morning with Charlie, Spencer, Greg, Rachel, and Pat, Greg's mom.
Charlie getting ready to party...A book of fairy tales from Uncle Spencer.A skateboard from Santa Claus. I know that he seems young for a skateboard, but Santa knew how he likes to play with Uncle Spencer's skateboard, particularly the wheels (sometimes he licks the wheel while spinning it) and how gross it is, so Santa got him his own little skateboard that he can lick to his heart's content.
Mommy got the BEST GIFT EVER - a PIANO!!!! =) It is a beautiful full-length electric piano. I am so excited to get back to playing!
Charlie is also very excited about the piano. It goes well with the musical instruments he got from Aunty Selina. We will be starting a band.

The little cart thingy he got from mommy and daddy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We just saw LT at Chipotle. And we couldn't even get a picture because 1) my kid isn't old enough to exploit in with the ol' Seal-Heidi Klum trick (see here) and 2) we didn't have a camera.

We were all star struck.

He wasn't that polite.

Daddy's Plastic

Charlie found the secret to happiness.... Credit cards! Okay, maybe not, but he was crawling around with it in his mouth like a little puppy, which was funny, so I tried to get it on film. I failed to capture that, but these are some cute pictures I did get.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Thanks, everyone. Charlie seems to be doing a lot better. PEDIALYTE ROCKS. =) Now the daddy is throwing up, so send good vibes his way....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

3 Questions

1) To cut, or not to cut (his hair)? I vote against cutting and Greg is for it. Pick a side...
2) I found Charlie's pinkie fingernail in his crib this morning. No longer attached to the finger. This would be because he smashed it in a drawer a few weeks ago. It hasn't seemed to bother him at all and I don't think he has noticed that it is missing. Do I need to do anything for it? Do you think it will grow back?
3) NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR STOMACH: Charlie has diherrea. He is on a diet of bananas and applesauce, and my mom said not to give him formula, but he really wants a bottle, so what should I give him? Apple juice okay? I thought it would be, but my mom is against it. What are the thoughts of those smarter than me? (PS, I have been giving him diluted formula because I thought it wouldn't really hurt too much, but now the problem has been going on even longer, and after he was at my mom's and had no formula, it looked like it was going away, so I guess the formula can hurt!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1) Charlie has learned how to whimper when I have something (usually food) that he wants.

2) He has decided that water (particularly bathwater) is poisonous.

3) He knows the difference between the (expensive) puff snacks and the (cheap) Cheerios. Guess which one he loves most?

4) His current life dream is to touch the space heater. All my time is spent thwarting his plans. It buzzes when it moves, so I tried making it buzz when he got close to scare him, but it only intrigued him all the more.

5) He KNOWS how to hold the bottle, he just WON'T. And telling him "Cousin CORBAN can hold his bottle" does not help.

Ah, motherhood.


Charlie came to see me at work today at the annual Santa party they do for employees and their kids. Thanks, Grandma Henry for bringing him!!
Not entirely sure what he thinks. Getting into it, but not smiling for mommy. I had to practically arm wrestle him away from Santa because he was being so sweet, Santa wanted to keep him! There was a long line, so I felt bad, but Santa let Charlie hang out a while.
Checking out the dump truck Santa gave him.
Mommy gave me celery....

Grandma gave me cookies. Those are better.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Katie's Kakes

One of my sweet nieces, Katie, is earning money to go to Germany next year. One of her fundraisers is making cakes for your Christmas and New Year's pleasure. Read her letter below and let me know if you would like to order a cake to help support her!

Katie Dickerman is a 13 year old, 8th grader at Lincoln Middle School in Oceanside. She is president of the Beehives at church, active in dance and choir at school and always on the academic and citizenship honor rolls.

Katie is planning to go to Germany on an exchange student program in the Summer of 2009. She must earn the money to go and has done so by baking and selling goodies at her school. She has raised a significant amount on her own, but she still has a long way to go. Would you please help her out by ordering a cake for Christmas or New Years?

The menu of cakes is listed below and they are both delicious and festive. Please choose your cake and give your order to Rachel Ashcraft (you can leave it as a comment here or you can email rachel.ashcraft@gmail.com), who will have the cakes available for pick up at her home or delivery on December 23 or 30, 2008. By the way, Katie will continue to have these and other cakes available for birthdays, graduations and other special occasions during the first half of 2009. Thank you for your help in allowing her to represent American values, culture and friendship to German students.

Write down your name and phone number and indicate the cake that you want. All cakes are $12.00 each. They make great Christmas presents, desserts for Christmas or New Year's parties or as dessert for your holiday dinner. Thanks again for helping Katie reach this important goal. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

Menu of Cakes:

Key Lime Cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting (very Christmas-ie);

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cake with chocolate frosting (death by chocolate, but what a way to go!);

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cake with chocolate frosting (for those who love Reese’s);

Strawberry Swirl Cake with cream cheese frosting (also very festive for holiday parties);

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – no frosting necessary (done in a bundt cake style is a special treat and very pretty).

Friday, December 12, 2008

I love this face...

...and I couldn't pick, so you have to look at ALL of them....