Saturday, November 29, 2008


We hit up the zoo for a final hurrah for this fun weekend. Check out this awesome Charlie Brown shirt! Love it.
Cousin Brooke met us there.
Laughing at the monkeys jumping around.
Hmm... looking at the elephants.
This animal (whose species I was sure to remember and have now started with a G) loved Charlie. He came over to the side and they stared at each other.

They loved each other. He pointed and laughed and waved.

Oh. And I chopped all my hair off.


Kim W said...

You mentioned your hair getting cut in the last post but didn't show any pictures. It's really cute! Great shots of Charlie, too.

Bryn said...

Your hair is so cute! I love the charlie brown shirt! Love it!

Stacy Lawrence said...

love the hair AND the charlie brown shirt!!! tis RAD!

Sandy said...

I almost asked you about your hair last night and now I wish I had. I did notice though and it looks really great.