Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday and Friday

Thanksgiving was lots of fun on Thursday with Grandma Mackey and Grandma Henry. Lots of great food and even better company. How is it that the bath picture is the only picture from the day? Although, what represents fun more than a fun bath with cousins? And the same toys that Ken and I used when we took baths at Grandma Henry's house. Those foam things have seen a lot of litle teeth in their time.
After the bath, a little photoshop fun. Lauren has a camera on her new laptop, so she put these together for us.
Juking right. Growing up so fast.
I have never shopped "Black Friday" before, so we decided that this was our year. After a late movie, we were all energized, so we hit up the Vejas Outlets. We got there at about one and found some pretty good deals. Even more fun was the party. Not fun was the truck with the train horn that followed us around the parking lot honking and scaring the pants off us.

After the Outlets, we went to Kohl's. We got there at about 3:30am, and they opened at four, but there was almost no one in line, so we decided to wait in the car until it opened. But then we decided that it wouldn't be a party that way, so we jumped in line. Seconds later, the line was miles long. People were running and we were all confused because we didn't have anything in particular we wanted. We just grabbed all the big ticket items and carried them around to look cool, but we ended up putting them back. I guess someone at the back of the line was pleasantly surprised that there were still a couple of GPS systems left. And we did find a couple good deals. Charlie's presents are all set, and I got a few things for Greg as well. I did NOT get the sweater at the Gap Outlet and now I can't think about anything else....haha.

We got home around 5:30am, and then little Charlie woke up at 8:30. Hurray for that....But Greg got home from the gym at 9:30, so I went back to sleep. Then we went to Murrieta for Thanksgiving with Greg's parents and three of our nieces. More delicious food and great company. My nieces joined me while I chopped my hair off, then we headed home. When we got home, we decided to hit up Target and got Bones season 3 for $14, so that was fun too.

YAY for family, food, and Thursday and Friday off of work.

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Stacy Lawrence said...

whoo whoo for black friday!!!