Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nine Months

As a full-fledged nine-month-old, Charlie can:
*Be about 26 pounds - about ten pound heavier than the average nine month old.
*Wave at everyone who looks at him.
*Clap. When he does, we all clap and say "yay" so when he claps and we don't immediately begin the applause, he looks at us like "Hello?! I am CLAPPING here!!"
*Eat Cheerios. Yum! For every ten, he eats five and throws five, so I am vacuuming pretty regularly (or when I don't, I just put him on the floor and let him eat the Cheerios he threw. I know, mother of the year.)
*Fit most comfortably in 18 month clothes. Mean mommy hasn't gotten her fill of the 12 month clothes though, so Charlie is generally squeezed into those.
*Chase the vacuum around that is cleaning up his Cheerio mess.
*Stand during his baths. He thinks that getting clean includes getting his feet wet and nothing else.
*Dance (like all Ashcraft men). And there is totally nothing cuter.
*Give high fives.
*Babble all day. We are happy when he says mamamamama and dadadadada, we don't care that he doesn't know what he is saying. His current favorite is a "GEEE" that is one third laugh, one third gurgle, and one third talking.
*Crawl and get into EVERYTHING.
*Recognize pictures of himself and mommy and daddy. Allegedly once he was fussy with a babysitter, and looking at a picture of mom and dad calmed him right down.
*Open cabinets and empty their contents onto the floor. Other than the couple of cabinets that have cleaners or medicine, I haven't "baby proofed" my cabinets because I figure that his joy is more important than my clean house, so it is generally a wreck around here.
*Turn church into a three-hour wrestling match. (He usually falls asleep with about thirty minutes left, thanks to Laura who has a soothing voice).
*Pull himself up to standing on everything. Then he lets go, stands for a millisecond, and then falls. Occasionally he catches himself before he goes down.
*Want everything mommy and daddy are eating. Eat a lot of those things.
*Laugh often.

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Stacy Lawrence said...

particularly dance. freak, if you will.