Saturday, November 22, 2008

Items of Note:

1) BYU vs. Utah is today. And I am NERVOUS. Also bitter with the BCS because they say BYU won't get a BCS bowl no matter what they do. They don't like BYU and I don't like them.

2) Went on a date with Greg last night. Thanks to Brookie for babysitting and thanks to CPK for the coupon for the free appetizer, because I love those baja spring rolls.

3) After the boys went to bed last night (Charlie was up all night on Thursday, so both he and Greg were tired by nine) Brooke and I met Sara at TWILIGHT. It was so fab. It may be because I haven't been to the theatre in a long time or it may be because we were giggling and shouting and making goo-goo eyes at all the actors along with all the pre-teens in the audience. There was a part where we were even poking each other. I think poking signals true adolescent love. If I wasn't obsessed when I read the books, I think I am now. Brookie and I have been texting all morning about how we should go see it again. Plus, I remembered how much I love PETER, so I had to go home and watch an episode of FASTLANE. Also, HE was not as unfortunate looking as I thought he might be. In fact, he was downright darling. Sara loved EMMETT, Brooke stuck with Team Edward, and I was all Carlisle.

4) Thanks to Caitlin for donating all the extra M&Ms from her wedding favors. Since there are so many M&Ms floating around our house, Charlie has eaten several of them. He also had a bite of Brooke's ice cream last night, and for a while, we were pretty sure he was never going to eat another thing.

5) Save two nights ago, Charlie has slept until AT LEAST FOUR AM EVERY SINGLE NIGHT THIS WEEK. And IN HIS OWN CRIB. After four, he takes a quick bottle and then goes back down until 8. I love my life.


Seth and Lacey said...

I'm do glad you've been able to get some sleep! I'm jealous that you have M&M's lying all over the house.

Kiersten said...

1) I don't like them either
3) Yes, Carlisle was VERY agreeable, even with the inch-thick makeup. And I loved Emmett, too.

Stacy Lawrence said...

oooh i got a coupon for cpk, too. we are matchers. maybe even sisters.