Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Spencer!!

Some things we all love about Spencer:

*A great uncle to his niece and 2 nephews
*Professional Playstation 3 player
*How he was disappointed that he couldn't vote.
*Fantasy Football Fiend
*His love for granola bars
*He works hard at Jamba Juice (and, luckily for Jamba, refuses to sue them for all the wage claims he could have for all the laws they break)
*His exuberence
*Looks up everything on the internet for me
*Always finding funny clips online to show us
*Lets me touch his MacBook if I have washed my hands
*He reads the scriptures every night and never misses
*Introduced us to "The Office"
*Very helpful around the house and sometimes cooks dinner
*Babysits Charlie for free
*He plays his music with the visualizer to put Charlie to sleep
*Goes to the grocery store for me
Love ya, Spence!!

1 comment:

Stacy Lawrence said...

*he loves to walk children

love you, spendie!