Saturday, November 29, 2008


We hit up the zoo for a final hurrah for this fun weekend. Check out this awesome Charlie Brown shirt! Love it.
Cousin Brooke met us there.
Laughing at the monkeys jumping around.
Hmm... looking at the elephants.
This animal (whose species I was sure to remember and have now started with a G) loved Charlie. He came over to the side and they stared at each other.

They loved each other. He pointed and laughed and waved.

Oh. And I chopped all my hair off.

Thursday and Friday

Thanksgiving was lots of fun on Thursday with Grandma Mackey and Grandma Henry. Lots of great food and even better company. How is it that the bath picture is the only picture from the day? Although, what represents fun more than a fun bath with cousins? And the same toys that Ken and I used when we took baths at Grandma Henry's house. Those foam things have seen a lot of litle teeth in their time.
After the bath, a little photoshop fun. Lauren has a camera on her new laptop, so she put these together for us.
Juking right. Growing up so fast.
I have never shopped "Black Friday" before, so we decided that this was our year. After a late movie, we were all energized, so we hit up the Vejas Outlets. We got there at about one and found some pretty good deals. Even more fun was the party. Not fun was the truck with the train horn that followed us around the parking lot honking and scaring the pants off us.

After the Outlets, we went to Kohl's. We got there at about 3:30am, and they opened at four, but there was almost no one in line, so we decided to wait in the car until it opened. But then we decided that it wouldn't be a party that way, so we jumped in line. Seconds later, the line was miles long. People were running and we were all confused because we didn't have anything in particular we wanted. We just grabbed all the big ticket items and carried them around to look cool, but we ended up putting them back. I guess someone at the back of the line was pleasantly surprised that there were still a couple of GPS systems left. And we did find a couple good deals. Charlie's presents are all set, and I got a few things for Greg as well. I did NOT get the sweater at the Gap Outlet and now I can't think about anything else....haha.

We got home around 5:30am, and then little Charlie woke up at 8:30. Hurray for that....But Greg got home from the gym at 9:30, so I went back to sleep. Then we went to Murrieta for Thanksgiving with Greg's parents and three of our nieces. More delicious food and great company. My nieces joined me while I chopped my hair off, then we headed home. When we got home, we decided to hit up Target and got Bones season 3 for $14, so that was fun too.

YAY for family, food, and Thursday and Friday off of work.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nine Months

As a full-fledged nine-month-old, Charlie can:
*Be about 26 pounds - about ten pound heavier than the average nine month old.
*Wave at everyone who looks at him.
*Clap. When he does, we all clap and say "yay" so when he claps and we don't immediately begin the applause, he looks at us like "Hello?! I am CLAPPING here!!"
*Eat Cheerios. Yum! For every ten, he eats five and throws five, so I am vacuuming pretty regularly (or when I don't, I just put him on the floor and let him eat the Cheerios he threw. I know, mother of the year.)
*Fit most comfortably in 18 month clothes. Mean mommy hasn't gotten her fill of the 12 month clothes though, so Charlie is generally squeezed into those.
*Chase the vacuum around that is cleaning up his Cheerio mess.
*Stand during his baths. He thinks that getting clean includes getting his feet wet and nothing else.
*Dance (like all Ashcraft men). And there is totally nothing cuter.
*Give high fives.
*Babble all day. We are happy when he says mamamamama and dadadadada, we don't care that he doesn't know what he is saying. His current favorite is a "GEEE" that is one third laugh, one third gurgle, and one third talking.
*Crawl and get into EVERYTHING.
*Recognize pictures of himself and mommy and daddy. Allegedly once he was fussy with a babysitter, and looking at a picture of mom and dad calmed him right down.
*Open cabinets and empty their contents onto the floor. Other than the couple of cabinets that have cleaners or medicine, I haven't "baby proofed" my cabinets because I figure that his joy is more important than my clean house, so it is generally a wreck around here.
*Turn church into a three-hour wrestling match. (He usually falls asleep with about thirty minutes left, thanks to Laura who has a soothing voice).
*Pull himself up to standing on everything. Then he lets go, stands for a millisecond, and then falls. Occasionally he catches himself before he goes down.
*Want everything mommy and daddy are eating. Eat a lot of those things.
*Laugh often.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Charlie starting doing this little freak dance at the end of a baby einstein today:

Spencer and I were rolling on the floor laughing. This is like the 10th take, so you can see at the end he is getting tired of it, but the comedy makes it so worth it.

Items of Note:

1) BYU vs. Utah is today. And I am NERVOUS. Also bitter with the BCS because they say BYU won't get a BCS bowl no matter what they do. They don't like BYU and I don't like them.

2) Went on a date with Greg last night. Thanks to Brookie for babysitting and thanks to CPK for the coupon for the free appetizer, because I love those baja spring rolls.

3) After the boys went to bed last night (Charlie was up all night on Thursday, so both he and Greg were tired by nine) Brooke and I met Sara at TWILIGHT. It was so fab. It may be because I haven't been to the theatre in a long time or it may be because we were giggling and shouting and making goo-goo eyes at all the actors along with all the pre-teens in the audience. There was a part where we were even poking each other. I think poking signals true adolescent love. If I wasn't obsessed when I read the books, I think I am now. Brookie and I have been texting all morning about how we should go see it again. Plus, I remembered how much I love PETER, so I had to go home and watch an episode of FASTLANE. Also, HE was not as unfortunate looking as I thought he might be. In fact, he was downright darling. Sara loved EMMETT, Brooke stuck with Team Edward, and I was all Carlisle.

4) Thanks to Caitlin for donating all the extra M&Ms from her wedding favors. Since there are so many M&Ms floating around our house, Charlie has eaten several of them. He also had a bite of Brooke's ice cream last night, and for a while, we were pretty sure he was never going to eat another thing.

5) Save two nights ago, Charlie has slept until AT LEAST FOUR AM EVERY SINGLE NIGHT THIS WEEK. And IN HIS OWN CRIB. After four, he takes a quick bottle and then goes back down until 8. I love my life.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Pictures

We got our pictures done by Kristin (she is so talented). I had to withold some of my favorites because they are going to be on our Christmas card, but here are some others.
She took 201 pictures and now I know how they get those terrible pictures of big stars for the front of the magazines - if someone is taking pictures of you one after another, you are going to look bad in some of them. But Charlie somehow looked cute in EVERY SINGLE ONE

Cute red shoes from Aunt Stacy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We saw this on Sesame Street a couple days ago and we have saved it on the DVR and watched it several times since. It is so so so so so great, so check it out!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Spencer!!

Some things we all love about Spencer:

*A great uncle to his niece and 2 nephews
*Professional Playstation 3 player
*How he was disappointed that he couldn't vote.
*Fantasy Football Fiend
*His love for granola bars
*He works hard at Jamba Juice (and, luckily for Jamba, refuses to sue them for all the wage claims he could have for all the laws they break)
*His exuberence
*Looks up everything on the internet for me
*Always finding funny clips online to show us
*Lets me touch his MacBook if I have washed my hands
*He reads the scriptures every night and never misses
*Introduced us to "The Office"
*Very helpful around the house and sometimes cooks dinner
*Babysits Charlie for free
*He plays his music with the visualizer to put Charlie to sleep
*Goes to the grocery store for me
Love ya, Spence!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Mornings

Watching Music and the Spoken Word.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby's First Sucker

When I went to vote on Tuesday, the poll workers gave Charlie a sucker.
He really, really, REALLY liked it. And he almost even got to the center. I should have counted the licks.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sleep is for the Weak

And Charlie is NOT weak.