Thursday, October 16, 2008


If anyone is curious, I did NOT have to go to court today. Yesterday I called and they said I just had to send a copy of my registration (the ticket was a "fix it" ticket for expired registration which I had already paid for but they never sent me, so I had expired tags on my car) and ten dollars to the court and it had to be postmarked no later than the 16th. Last night in the middle of the night I woke up terrified that the person was wrong and that I would still have to appear in court, so I called again this morning and heard the same story, so I sent all the info off and didn't have to go anywhere.
My laptop is FIXED!!! Thanks, Dad! I can type all the Ls and Os and Ps that I want. And. I. Can. Punctuate. I had 43 unread blog entries to read, which was great fun. Like six of them were various friends' anniversaries, so happy anniversary everyone.
As far as my other annoyances, I feel slightly better about them. Charlie is still the king of the dirty diaper, but it isn't like you can have a child and then be bothered by dirty diapers, right? So it is just my couple of discouragements that are still bothering some. I wouldn't trade my life for anything else, but sometimes it is hard to be out of college and all of that, because I feel sometimes like my only chums in town are Greg and Charlie. While they are definitely the best friends in the world, I see all these other people who get together once a month with all their girlfriends and I feel jealous. Almost none of my girlfriends are in San Diego. =( However, there are a lot of people I really like and are really nice, so I am lucky to just have that. I shouldn't be negative when I really am (seriously, so) blessed (pun intended).
Last bit of negativity: Dang TCU. We are so gone from the rankings now too, which bugs as we have won/lost the same amount of games as everyone else. Oh well. Next year.
By the way, I am glad to have a lot of response to my love of the Duggar family. Have you all seen the last couple episodes where their friends with 16 kids are there staying with them? The friends are W-A-Y worse as far as creepy goes. Among other things, they have their girls wear real pioneer outfits. The Duggars do put their daughters in long skirts, but at least they are jean and from 1990 instead of from 1890. This other family home-makes their own dresses in EXTREMELY bright watermelon and lime colors and the girls literally wear aprons over their dresses. All the boys wear khakis and a polo shirt - all the same color. Including the father. While I have always wanted a large family, I think a whole litter like that would simply be too much. Clearly that much labor has clouded their fashion sense.

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Kim W said...

Hey Girlie, I totally relate to your ire about chick time. I'm glad we got to chat a bit tonight. It makes YW fun!